Friday, January 09, 2009

Musings of an Amnistar

So, a comment that I’d like to make, of my own personal opinion on some things, not at all reflecting anything official, or even related to this specific nomic.  Namely, the difference, in my opinion, between cheating and abusing a loophole in the rules.

Cheating is, in my opinion, deliberately acting in a manner that is prohibited by the rules, or failure to act in a manner that is proscribed by the rules.
Loopholes are when you find an action that is allowed by the rules, that is either unexpected, or against the spirit of the rules.

Pretending that you misunderstand that rules would, in my opinion, not be an issue of loopholes, it would be an issue of cheating.  I bring this up not as an accusation against anyone, though I do admit that the current actions did bring this to the front of my mind, but as a reminder that the reason the game is fun is because you are required to win in a manner that isn’t cheating.  That is, you have to find a way within the rules to abuse them, not ignore the rules for a brief moment in an attempt to win. 

If you think you have a way to win that is within the rules, that’s great, go for it, just don’t be suprised if a CfJ comes up, and, if it goes against you, don’t be upset.  It’s the whole point of the game.

That said….someone PLEASE get their hands on the other two relics and then join MIC.  I’m ready for a new dynasty :P.


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