Thursday, February 08, 2007

Proposal: Notational Conformity II

Self-killed. -Elias IX

Adminned at 10 Feb 2007 07:43:55 UTC

OK, this should make dates mostly unambiguous, and will work with the current settings of ~~~~.  If someone has a better wording of either of these, let me know and I’ll repropose this (again).  I don’t want to have to type 0066 for the year 66, though.

Add a non-dynastic rule ‘Dates’:

1. Whenever a particular month is mentioned in a Proposal or a representation of the Gamestate, it must be specified by the complete English name of that month, or an unambiguous truncation thereof.

2. Whenever a particular year is mentioned in a Proposal or a representation of the Gamestate, it must be specified as the number of years since the beginning of the common era, with an optional suffix of “BCE” (Before Common Era) or “CE” (in Common Era) to denote the direction.  If no suffix is given, “CE” is assumed. Thus, “07” Refers to the year 7, not the year 2007.

Reformat all nonconforming dates in pending proposals to comply with the new rule.



02-08-2007 23:47:57 UTC

against I’ll just vote against anything that contains ambiguous dates.  The problem with forced standardization is that it can make whole swatches of stuff void because of an honest oversight.

I figure we’re okay, considering that we got through a whole Dynasty centered around Time Travel, during which there were many references to both real-world dates, and dates on a fictional timeline; but amgiguity in dates was never an issue.


02-09-2007 00:12:49 UTC

against Quite.


02-09-2007 03:21:32 UTC



02-09-2007 03:48:20 UTC

If it ain’t broke…  against


02-09-2007 03:48:30 UTC

If it ain’t broke…  against


02-09-2007 07:10:44 UTC

against Note double vote by spike (You know how hard it is to count to 14 unique voters? :))


02-09-2007 09:23:42 UTC



02-09-2007 10:49:31 UTC

against If we aint broke… wait that’s not right…


02-09-2007 12:50:21 UTC



02-09-2007 14:16:13 UTC

We’re not broke, we’ve got plenty of We’ve Got Enough Stats’.


02-09-2007 16:34:43 UTC



02-09-2007 17:02:49 UTC

for  for  against Hey, you could make a picture this way.


02-09-2007 19:38:24 UTC

heh.  See Purplebeard’s comment at for an extreme example.


02-09-2007 23:23:18 UTC

against Self kill, to keep things moving