Thursday, December 10, 2009

Note on the legality of my DoV

The DoV was perfectly legal, as the rule states that a DoV may not be posted for 5 days ONLY if the first DoV was failed by a number of votes exceeding quorum. At the time of the DoV’s failure, it had a number of against votes that was equal to the quorum at the time. As a result, I was free to post my DoV when I did.



12-10-2009 13:56:20 UTC

I would have voted FOR the CfJ.


12-10-2009 20:48:28 UTC

Lol, so I misread ONE word.


12-10-2009 22:58:22 UTC

It is a pretty odd wording, given that DoVs only require a quorum to fail, not a greater-than-quorum.