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Call for Judgment: Referee!

Passes 13-3.  Rule-addition repealed, and the Nomich record stands at 0-0 for all dorms.—Brendan

Adminned at 09 Nov 2010 22:56:05 UTC

Fellow students, I’m hereby challenging the Headmaster’s decision to award the first Nomich match of the season to Gothmog. Ichneumon made a play of 45 points at 19:40GMT on Saturday; Gothmog made a play of 59 points at 02:15GMT on Sunday. “Once a Dormitory has challenged another Dormitory to a match of Nomich, each Dormitory has until the end of that day to post a play in the comments to the challenge post.” - even with the Headmaster’s notes on the meaning of the word “Saturday”, it seems entirely unambiguous that once a challenge has been made, a Dormitory only has “until the end of that day to post a play”, and it is not possible to submit a play after that time.

The Headmaster correctly pointed out that the rules do not specify the points value of a non-existent play, but I don’t understand why the “fair play” interpretation of this unclarity was “Gothmog’s explicitly illegal play becomes legal” rather than “a non-existent play is worth zero points, rather than an undefined number”. Yes, any good sportsman would agree with the Head’s opinion that it would be “too easy to challenge another Dorm at 23:59”, and I see some pupils have applied to the relevant regulating body to change that, but this potential and unused unfairness is no reason to ignore the current Nomich rules!

Although I think this should probably have been a win for my brothers in Ichneumon House, in the spirit of good sportsmanship and for the good of the school, I suggest that the match simply be declared void - if Gothmog chose to add a new rule to the Nomich ruleset, that rule shall be removed; if Gothmog chose to turn an Ichneumon student into a Ghost or Zombie, that Student shall be made Alive.



11-08-2010 12:24:02 UTC

Sour grapes, Ichneumon? Poor form I say!



11-08-2010 13:06:53 UTC

Well, looking at the Timestamp on that post, I guess we waited a tad too late before posting our play. For that reason, and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, I’ll vote for this correction.

May the Houses of Ichneumon and Gothmog keep their long-standing friendship and meet again on a fair match.


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11-08-2010 13:24:17 UTC

for I knew Nomic the rule for Nomic would not stand the test of a match the day just after it was applied (before any corrections specifying what happens when a challenge is not answered). Let’s simply cancel all matches from this first saturday, and we can have a good start next week. =)


11-08-2010 13:36:24 UTC


My ‘for’ vote is for voiding the result, sportsmanship &c.


11-08-2010 15:16:10 UTC

*sigh* Why must history always repeat itself? I guess you haven’t had your “Ancient Magical History, Advanced Studies” class yet.

Many centuries ago, when Magic was limited to a very select few, when formulas were formulaes and those formulaes were uttered with the utmost respect instead of the nonchalance that is seen today, conflict periodically flared and challenges were made to gain hidden secrets, powerful artefacts and more formulaes. Most of the time those battles were subtle, invisible to the untrained eye.

Sometimes, they were not.

During the Sixth Age, while the Mad King was ruling in distant lands, members of the High Council of Magik decided they had enough of their research, done in secluded towers and abandoned crypts, and so decided to raid the libraries of the High Council of Magic. The two organizations had been bickering and covertly plotting against one another for the last millenias, so some historians say it was inevitable that it would happen. Other point out that, if it wasn’t for the political and economical instability caused by insecure trade relationships with the Mad King’s realm, the High Council of Magik would have had enough ressources and know-how to achieve stability on their own. In any case, they didn’t, and subtle hindrance became the all-out conflict known today as the Great Nomic Wars.

Seeing that their specialization in Divination and Culinary Arts wasn’t going to help then much, the High Council of Magic called upon Professor Abalone’s School of Witchcraft and Miscellany to support them and protect the immeasurable knowledge contained in their libraries. This caused the school to split, as each house had a different opinion about this involvment in the war effort.

Bandersnatch figured that since the School was located in the Impenetrable Forest, and the Forest was located within traditionnal High Council of Magic territory, it would be logical for the School to answer the call. Penanggalan agreed on the facts, but argued that since the Forest was impenetrable they weren’t in any danger to begin with, plus the Council had refused to aid the School in their fight against the Ghasts that appeared during the Third Age so they were not bound by honor to help them.

Gothmog aimed for middle ground by suggesting that the School be magically transported to another demiplane, removing them from conflict, while permitting students who considered themselves honor-bound to the Council to go fight for them. Ichneumon dismissed such compromise, going as far as declaring that the School should join the High Council of Magik’s side, freeing the “poor mages, wizards and sorcerers currently oppressed from the High Council of Magic’s iron-tight grasp”.

Arguments heated up as time went by, with minor differences turning into deeply-entrenched grudges, students openly challenging their once-upon-a-time colleagues from other houses and teachers putting aside their house-neutrality, taking sides in the conflict. The Great Game of Nomich was even suspended for a few centuries, as the teacher in charge of the ruleset was suspected of taking bribes to favor one team over the others in the interpretation of the Nomich rules.

(It was later found that it wasn’t the case. Sure, he was taking bribes, but he didn’t fudge the results: the ruleset was just so confusing by then that it appeared so.)

Meanwhile, the High Council of Magik carried on it’s rampage, crossing dimensions and travelling millions of miles upon millions of miles, sacking every library on their way to the Tower of the High Council of Magic. When it was calculated that it would only take five more decades until the Tower would be reached and sieged, the student body realized that they had to act fast if they were to stop the coming invasion. There were still some among all houses that believed that they were not concerned by the conflict - some even considered there was no conflict at all -, but a group of students comprising leading elements of every house called on a truce, putting aside the differences until the menace was either countered or proven imagined rather than real.

It was such union that made the resolve of the war possible. The Epic Library Prospectors, a coalition of “highly motivated researchers” (*cough*nerds*cough*) traced the history of both High Councils to the same origin, breaking apart before the First Age when a absent-minded scribe accidentally wrote a ‘k’ instead of a ‘c’ in the bi-hourly status report. Apologies were made, pardons issued and everyone realized the value of friendly competition over bitter rivalry.

Now, “this is just a matter of resolution over a game of Nomich”, right? “It’s not like it’s going to cause a war”, right? Every action has unforetold consequences, and I prefer those consequences to be on the side of friendship rather that all-out open warfare. I thus reiterate my wish for this game to be void: for. Who knows, maybe it’ll end up being the foundation of the next Golden Age of this school!


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Thane Q:

11-08-2010 16:38:00 UTC



11-08-2010 16:40:01 UTC

Thane, you can’t vote DEF on a CfJ.

Thane Q:

11-08-2010 16:58:01 UTC

I missed the whole “(only if the Votable Matter is a Proposal)” part in rules.

CoV against


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for @Roujo, arrow


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for  I guess


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for As this is going to pass in a few hours anyway.  The match is void, and the rule added by Gothmog is removed from the Nomich ruleset.  Members of the dorms in question should already have their replacement hands.