Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Snow on cherry blossoms

I will write haiku
As I sit in the bunker.
Please unidle me.



05-20-2009 19:51:57 UTC

Welcome back. Quorum remains 12.


05-20-2009 21:58:13 UTC

I wish I’d been around in the haiku dynasty.  : (


05-21-2009 00:48:31 UTC

Yeah: We had

which led to portions of the ruleset taking forms like:

Only while being at Sea
can a Captain have er Rank increase by Bragging

(to fit a rule within haiku restrictions), or a proposal like:
“How appropriate, you fight like ... cow”
Could pass, if it does, well then now,
Its rule is amended:
Add the text that’s appended.
An admin will do that somehow.

All captains who share the same flavor
hold each other in very good favor
And won’t sword-fight each other
Rather, only another
Captain with a different flavor.

(I’m so sorry for the abusing
Of the limerick form that I’m using
To use the same word
Might seem quite absurd.
Too bad.  It’s the one that I’m choosing.)

(It passed, 6-4).