Monday, April 01, 2013

Declaration of Victory: The one to rule them all

Passes 6-0 after 12 hours. Congratulations! -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 01 Apr 2013 09:08:31 UTC

I have reduced the DMC to zero and achieved victory.

To anyone who will claim the collection clearance was illegal because of “No Captain may grant Collection Clearance to any Commander they control.”. I would like to point out that Larrytheturtle1 controls neither me nor Larrytheturtle2. I just put this now so I won’t have to say it later if it comes up.



04-01-2013 01:22:31 UTC

“A Captain may perform any action (governed by the dynastic rules) on behalf of a Commander they control.” I assert that you, and not Larrytheturtle1, performed the action of granting Collection Clearance to Larrytheturtle2, in violation of Rule 2.1.2 (relevant text in your commentary). However, this may be ambiguous and I would like a second opinion on this reading. If this is not the case then you have achieved victory by exploiting multiple non-rate-limited effects along with the bizarre treatment of Commanders as Captains.

(This is how I thought things were going to end.)


04-01-2013 01:29:32 UTC

I’d say doing an act on behalf of a Commander is not the same as doing the act. If so, one couldn’t perform an Activity twice and then have a Commander they control do the same, which has happened without challenge.


04-01-2013 01:31:23 UTC

You don’t preform the act yourself. If you did then you couldn’t preform the act of jumping twice for yourself then twice for your commanders.


04-01-2013 01:32:02 UTC

Well I got beat to the point


04-01-2013 03:20:02 UTC

Yes, that’s right, of course. Then you have achieved victory.  for


04-01-2013 03:55:33 UTC

Having thoroughly reviewed the actions, I can’t see any issues. Good job, and this Galaxy owes you a great debt. for


04-01-2013 06:12:46 UTC

for Good job. You screwed up gravity forever.

quirck: HE/HIM

04-01-2013 06:55:26 UTC



04-01-2013 11:43:39 UTC