Friday, November 06, 2009

Proposal: The Philosopher’s Stone

Enacted 8 votes to 4. Josh

Adminned at 07 Nov 2009 13:43:45 UTC

If there is a rule entitled “Runes” that contains the sentence “The legal Values for Vowels are ‘A’ and ‘O’.”, then change that sentence so that it reads:

“The legal values for Vowels are ‘A’, ‘O’ and ‘U’”.

Add a Rule entitled “Unstable Runes”, as follows:

The Vowel ‘U’ is a special magical element, not found in nature and only obtainable through the artificial process of transmutation.  If any Apprentice has the sequence “AAOO” or “AOOA” in his Workbench, then as a Daily action (and so long as that Apprentice does not take any other daily action during that Day that involves making changes to his own Workbench), that Apprentice may substitute “UUUU” for the “AAOO” or “AOOA” sequence in his workbench.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the ruleset, an Apprentice may only voluntarily obtain instances of the Vowel ‘U’ to his workbench by operation of the previous sentence.

The vowel ‘U’ has a short half-life.  If an Apprentice (the “U-bearer”) has one or more ‘U’ runes in his Workbench then any Apprentice may change the rightmost ‘U’ in the U-bearer’s Workbench to ‘X’ (this process is called “U-Decay”), so long as the Apprentice making that change makes a comment to the GNDT expressly indicating that he has done so, whereupon a minimum of three (3) Days must elapse before the U-bearer’s Workbench may again be subjected to U-Decay.



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11-06-2009 15:26:47 UTC

imperial Needs some tweaks, but not worth shooting down the proposal over them, I think.  If this passes, I think a fix-up proposal should address:

*“No Rune can have a value other than ‘P’, ‘R’, ‘S’, ‘T’, ‘A’, ‘O’ or ‘X’. ” would be missing a mention of U.

*You can make the creation of the UUUU as a bullet point on the Manipulate list, since that’s basically a list of Daily Actions that make changes to the Workbench.  This would also prevent Apprentices from making other changes to their Workbenches _before_ creating UUUU later that day (as written, your timing restriction of “as long as that Apprentice does not take any other…” doesn’t care about the past).


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11-06-2009 17:43:05 UTC

against as per Hix, and for additional aesthetic reasons. I would recommend that if this fails you repropose it later if it’s still appropriate.


11-06-2009 17:55:03 UTC


Apathetic Lizardman:

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Ienpw III:

11-06-2009 20:38:02 UTC

for This rule won’t have any effect until Hix’s first point is rectified.


11-07-2009 02:52:36 UTC