Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Proposal: These are not the monkies you are looking for.


Adminned at 12 Aug 2007 07:39:40 UTC

Add the following text to before the last sentance of the first paragraph of the rule Doing the Dance:

If a number in a move references a position where there is no monkey; if the move would change the value of bananas, the hammer type, or number of dance moves, instead, nothing happens. If the move was to swap two monkies, but one position referenced has no monkey, instead, move the monkey that can be moved, leaving a empty spot. The line may become unbalanced and will need correcxted as according to the rules.

I believe this will cover any moves we already have.

Give Amnistar 2 bananas unless 3 active monkies post a comment with the word “Ock!” included in the text.


Oracular rufio:

08-09-2007 01:25:02 UTC



08-09-2007 04:16:42 UTC

for (Is Amnistar the one who originally mentioned that this needs clarification?  If so, I won’t say the magic word)


08-09-2007 04:42:28 UTC



08-09-2007 13:29:24 UTC

for seems reasonable.


08-09-2007 13:33:43 UTC

against You do not fix a problem by creating a patch that needs to be updated for every move. You fix a problem by creating a patch that does not need to be updated for every move. Such as:

If a move references a position where there is no monkey and attempts to access or change one or more of that Monkey’s variables in the GNDT, then the move is ignored and nothing happens. If a move references an empty position but does not change any GNDT values, then the move still is executed.

If a move references a position that is not a valid location (such as Position 0, Position Ice, or Position 9 3/4) then that move is skipped, even if it does not access or change and GNDT values.


08-09-2007 14:18:05 UTC

Agree with clucky.  Also, why am I getting bananas outa this?


08-09-2007 15:16:43 UTC


I’ll redo it as Clucky said.

Amnistar, I dunno, just seemed like fun.