Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three Queries

1.  It was mooted at some point that implementing automatic daily/weekly adjustments on the GNDT would be a good idea.  Did that ever get done?

2.  Why do vetoed proposals get adminned out of sequence?  This has several negative effects, primarily that it rewards making proposals so bad they get vetoed instead of failing, and secondarily that it encourages procedural use of the veto, hiding what’s actually going on. 

3. What’s the little arrow icon for?  I assume it was added for some previous dynasty?  Can we bin it again?

4.  I thought of another one: does anyone need a user account activated on the wiki?



08-25-2009 13:44:33 UTC

1. No.

2. I have no idea.

3. In the Fourth Dynasty of Amnistar, these were used with votes. If a quorum of players included the arrow on their votes to your proposal, you gained 1 Action Point.


08-25-2009 13:46:56 UTC

4. yuri_dragon_17, for one. Apathetic Lizardman as well… pretty much everyone who joined during or after the First Dynasty of Devenger.


08-25-2009 13:48:33 UTC

I’ll respond to number 2: In fact several dynasties ago we found out that this was a good move, because it impedes the emperor from locking down a single player as much. Also an emperor can now veto a self-killed proposal to make it leave the queue, in case the emperor desires that the player post a fixed version of the self-killed proposal.


08-25-2009 13:48:43 UTC

2. In theory, if someone makes consistently bad Proposals, then the Leader will just not Veto them. Honestly, though, sometimes it’s the more proposals, the better, so that strategy isn’t always implemented.

Ienpw III:

08-25-2009 14:27:29 UTC

I have a wiki account.


08-26-2009 10:07:14 UTC

Ugh, I liked the arrow. As for the wiki, it might help if someone with access to its config made it easier to get wiki accounts (say by adminning several BlogNomic admins on the wiki too, and allowing admins to create user accounts).