Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Proposal: Way to gain and lose honor


Adminned at 21 Oct 2008 22:27:43 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule, titled Honor From Proposals, with the following text:

If a Proposal passes with only for votes, the proposer gains 1 honor.  If a proposal fails with only against votes (not counting the proposer’s vote), the proposer loses 1 honor.



10-21-2008 16:31:01 UTC

against Would encourage fiddly, queue-slowing voting (having pity on a failing proposal, or taking a notch out of an undisputedly popular one), without amounting to anything.

This would also reward trivial, obvious fixes just as strongly as works of uncontested genius.


10-21-2008 17:24:12 UTC

against We could implement a system where voters can mark a proposal as trivial, but then we still have the problem where one person votes against just to keep the proposer from gaining honor.


10-21-2008 17:35:00 UTC

against I vote against this proposal, just to keep the proposer from gaining honor.


10-21-2008 17:39:59 UTC

against .  What Yoda said.


10-21-2008 19:17:06 UTC

against Yeah.

Hello Sailor:

10-22-2008 02:15:52 UTC



10-22-2008 05:26:36 UTC

against S/K