Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Story Post: Weather Prediction Contest #1

Detroit, Michigan: Cloudy
London, England: Fair
Montreal, Quebec: Fair

Books: 30
Happiness: 26

Darth Cliche: 0 correct
yuri_dragon_17: 1 correct
arthexis: 1 correct
Pavitra: 1 correct (I’ll accept fog, this time)
Other entries are beyond the 48 hour barrier. Since no one got all of their guesses correct, there are no winners.  : (

Note that “Sunny” was not acceptable for the obvious reason that it is night in all of the indicated locales.



08-18-2009 17:06:26 UTC

Detroit: Rainy
London: Rainy
Montreal: Storm

Ienpw III:

08-18-2009 21:45:55 UTC

Detroit: Cloudy
London: Cloudy
Montreal: Cloudy


08-19-2009 01:12:07 UTC

London: Cloudy
Montreal: Sunny


08-19-2009 23:10:25 UTC

Detroit: Storm
London: Fog
Montreal: Windy


08-20-2009 05:27:30 UTC

Detroit: Sunny
London: Sunny
Montreal: Sunny


08-21-2009 12:34:36 UTC

Detroit: Sunny
London: cloudy
Montreal: rainy


08-22-2009 16:47:06 UTC

I should not that only the comments made on the first 2 days are valid contest entries. The rest get nothing.