Sunday, August 19, 2007

What is up…

I am now not only a monkey but a college student. I have some sort of house meeting in a couple of minutes. When that is done, i’ll get back on, clear the queue, and then run the monkey dance. Hopefully I won’t find that every single monkey has idled out in my absence.



08-20-2007 00:44:37 UTC

Oh nice, what college you at?


08-20-2007 02:59:45 UTC


*clears queue… dance will come later*


08-20-2007 14:56:40 UTC

I havn’t idled… just trying to figure this dancing thing out, and how to make me win.


08-20-2007 17:52:23 UTC

I don’t even see any victory conditions yet, so winning would be hard.


08-20-2007 18:57:29 UTC

Like that would stop me from trying.

Or at least I am trying to think of something to stir people up into more action in this here dynasty, and get me more bananas.

I am hoping my move will be done at a moment when it works… it’s designed to knock out King Kong.


08-20-2007 19:18:16 UTC

Er um ok.

Anyways, I am still updating the dance script with all the recent rule changes. (items are taking a while). Hopefully I’ll be able to run the dance later tonight.