1 2 3 Check (12 comments) after 11 days Axemabaro idles after 8 days Darknight idles quorum becomes 3

after 11 days Axemabaro idles
after 8 days Darknight idles
quorum becomes 3



11-20-2017 03:49:54 UTC

It’s like a poem lol


11-20-2017 08:19:58 UTC

True :D


11-20-2017 11:28:31 UTC

Does that make this now a Metadynasty?


11-20-2017 13:07:23 UTC

Yeah, it’s now a Metadynasty.


11-22-2017 21:36:26 UTC

(commenting here because I can’t comment on the closed proposals)
I was REALLY busy this week and hesitating a lot on the recent proposals so in the end I didn’t give my vote, but just to voice my opinion on some topics:

- Even if Axemabaro has gone idle I don’t think that justifies removing his Master status, which is why I wouldn’t have voted for your proposal Cuddlebeam. (BTW is it frequent for a dynastic leader to go idle ?)

- Although the game isn’t very active right now I find the mechanics rather interesting and I don’t want it to end too soon without us having explored the possibilities, so I wasn’t really in favour of putting win conditions yet. We just need some new rules to jazz up the game a bit.


11-22-2017 22:38:25 UTC

It is thanksgiving tomorrow, some people take the whole week off to see family.
I’ll sticky this so more people might see it.


11-24-2017 15:55:47 UTC

Ok thanks, explains the lower activity.


11-24-2017 21:25:05 UTC

Idling the Master does NOT cause a metadynasty by itself; the Idling rule has an explicit exception for the Dynasties rule.


11-25-2017 16:41:08 UTC

@Bucky: Where?

I dont see it lol (I might be missing something obvious…)


11-25-2017 17:47:49 UTC

For the purposes of all Gamestate and the Ruleset, excluding Rules “Ruleset and Gamestate”, “Tesserers”, “Dynasties”, “Fair Play” and any of those Rules’ subrules, Idle Tesserers are not counted as Tesserers.


11-27-2017 05:04:37 UTC

Can people just vote up a new Master? (I assume the Master is the Emperor.)


11-27-2017 06:16:09 UTC

We can propose anything at all, even making a new Master.

Even retroactive changes. Like, “change the past” lol.