Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Proposal: 1/30 pi Radians of Kevan’s Ham

Self killed. Clucky

Adminned at 07 Feb 2007 13:44:09 UTC

If the proposal “6 pi radians of Kevan’s Bacon” passes, this proposal does nothing.

Add a new rule, call it “Degrees of Separation”

Each actor has a figurative distance between each other actor. Because of the resources needed to keep track of every distance, distance is not recorded anywhere. Instead, anytime an Actor wishes to trigger a portion of the rules which call for the distance between two actors, e must make a post to the blog detailing the distance chain used. If another Actor believes that this chain has a hole, of it a shorter distance is possible, e can post about it as a comment and reverse whatever action the posting actor took.

Distance is defined as the length of the shortest path between two actors on the graph where:
*Each vertex represents an Actor, be it one or Blognomic or one in “real life”
*Each edge represents a pair of Actors who have appeared in the same movie.

If an Actor has a named role, e counts as the real actor who played that role for that movie only. For example, if an actor has the role of “Han Solo”, e counts as Harrison Ford (Star Wars), and thus would be a distance two from anyone appearing in Raiders of the Lost Ark(Other than Indiana Jones himself, who said Actor would be a distance of one from).

If two Actors share the same named role and the same movie, they have distance 0.

If there is no path which connects two Actors, their distance is “Undefined”.

A “Distance Chain” is defined as a full list of the connection of movies between the two actors in question.

For example, the current “Distance Chain” between Elias(who has appeared only in Casablanca) and Hix(Who has appeared only in Gone With the Wind) would be:

1) Elias appeared in Casablanca with George Meeker.
2) George Meeker appeared in Gone With the Wind with Hix.

It is recommended that actors either use the following tool for forming chains Link or some other automated tool to speed up the process.



02-06-2007 15:34:50 UTC

Better than the first because it avoids putting the burden on the Actors. for


02-06-2007 15:38:28 UTC



02-06-2007 16:31:58 UTC

I can’t see any real uses for the distance rule, nor can I see any real disadvantages to implementing it.  imperial


02-06-2007 16:32:03 UTC



02-06-2007 16:39:14 UTC

against I’d prefer to keep real-world actors out of it as much as possible.


02-06-2007 18:05:32 UTC



02-06-2007 18:36:36 UTC



02-06-2007 19:22:24 UTC

against What Hix said. The idea is still good, don’t burn it.

Angry Grasshopper:

02-06-2007 20:08:17 UTC


And I’ll probably vote FOR this if you re-propose it later, too.


02-06-2007 21:00:50 UTC

Real world actors do stay out of it, Hix. The chains are just needed as proof.

Distance has lots of possible uses. Like, A can to something to B if their distance is two or less and they have the same hometown… or something else if their distance is defined but greater than six.


02-06-2007 22:11:44 UTC

against This just seems to complex.


02-06-2007 22:21:24 UTC

against It’s an interesting idea, but there’s not enough regulation of when and how you can undo actions.


02-06-2007 22:21:27 UTC

against  against  against I don’t want “Hix(Who has appeared only in Gone With the Wind)” as an unitalicized reference in the rules.  Not only is it currently false (you swapped my and Elias IX’s movies), but I am likely to appear in other films before long.

Angry Grasshopper:

02-06-2007 22:23:29 UTC

Hah, that’s a nice point Hix. ;)


02-06-2007 23:01:41 UTC

I like it. Third times the charm.


02-06-2007 23:10:05 UTC

There really isn’t any point to a third time. I can’t simply it any more. So unless someone else has any ideas… i’ll start thinking about other things to do.


02-07-2007 00:01:25 UTC

for Examples are careless, but I like it otherwise.


02-07-2007 04:36:53 UTC

against The amount of loophole potential this causes with the examples is insane.


02-07-2007 12:38:32 UTC



02-07-2007 19:15:07 UTC



02-07-2007 20:48:07 UTC

CoV: I’ll vote for this if the examples are made less specific.  against


02-07-2007 20:48:46 UTC


Elias IX:

02-07-2007 21:23:10 UTC

against 4-11-1


02-07-2007 21:43:31 UTC

against to free things up.