Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proposal: +3 ring of defense


Adminned at 18 Jul 2008 07:56:19 UTC

I need that ring! No, I need it!

Create a dynastic rule named “Items”.

The rule “Items” shall contain this text:

This rule shall contain any items that an adventurer may hold. Items that an adventurer holds shall be listed in eir section of the Character Sheet document in a subsection named Items. An item that has already been created may be awarded to an adventurer by the DM for actions taken during an adventure. Only the adventurer holding the item can cause any changes to the gamestate that the item may allow. All items shall contain some limit to their use, or cost for their use. An item with no limit or cost shall be illigal.

Been a while, lets see if I still have it.

Oh wait, +3 nipple ring of defense. Never mind you can have it. Not me, I’m good.



07-16-2008 16:59:27 UTC

against It needs to be a sub-rule of Character Sheets.  Also, I don’t like that ALL items have to have a limit or cost.


07-16-2008 17:08:27 UTC

against Wording is awkward and bulky.


07-16-2008 17:16:01 UTC

Speaking of wording, nowhere in the ruleset does it say that DM means Dungeon Master.


07-16-2008 17:23:30 UTC

FFR: This is a daytime proposal.


07-16-2008 18:51:36 UTC



07-16-2008 22:33:03 UTC

imperial -> against


07-16-2008 22:37:40 UTC

against Re-word


07-16-2008 22:54:08 UTC

posted a reworded version


07-17-2008 19:55:36 UTC

against Reword. Will do, unless someone else does first. Can’t at moment.


07-18-2008 14:56:00 UTC

veto to keep queue moving