Saturday, August 20, 2011

Proposal: 404_file_not_found

Can’t reach quorum with 6 votes against. Failed 2-6 by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 Aug 2011 10:20:04 UTC

Add a new rule, called “01100110”:

There may be an Entity in the Arena, called “The Bot”, that has IconBot.png as its Icon and is a Large Object.
If there is not an istance of “The Bot” in the Arena, any Gladiator may “Summon the Bot” by rolling DICE7 in the GNDT. If the square on the intersection between the “I” column and the row marked with the number rolled plus one is Empty the Bot shall Enter the Arena in that square.
If an Instance of the Bot existed at the most recent Turn Boundary, no Gladiator may take Main Actions until someone has “Moved the Bot”.
If no Gladiator has Moved the Bot during the current Turn, any Gladiator may move the Bot by making it Step once towards the Left. If this is not possible, it shall Explode instead.
The Bot is considered to be a Gladiator for all the Dynastic rules excluded “Species”, “Icons”, “Weapons” and “Altar of Mayhem” and with the following exceptions:
* It may Explode: All the Gladiators on squares adjacent to the Bot die and lose one Frag. All the Temporary Entities (except Laser Beans) adjacent to the Destination are removed from the Arena. The Bot Dies.
* Whenever it should Die by other means than Acid Pools, it Explodes instead.
* Whenever it should move to a square containing a Crate or a CUP, that Entitiy is removed from the Arena, the Bot moves to that square and then activates its Lateral Cannons: all the Gladiators on the same column as the Bot Die and lose one Frag.

Differences from prvious version:
° Takes away Frags instead of giving Fouls
° Fixed name
° Maybe something else but I forgot.



20-08-2011 22:52:29 UTC

for Nice, but was is a “Laser Bean” ? ;-)

redtara: they/them

21-08-2011 01:34:47 UTC

for Haha,that can be fixed by the enacting admin.


21-08-2011 08:01:35 UTC

Never played Bohnanza?

Prince Anduril:

21-08-2011 11:51:45 UTC

against Still not sure about the game dynamic - forcing people to use to bot. It seems that we’re just adding to the list of things people have to remember to perform an action, which will only make fouls more likely.


21-08-2011 16:55:32 UTC

*The bot counts as a Gladiator for the purpose of this rule; therefore, it cannot Step until it has moved.
*It is ambiguous whether “If this is not possible, it shall Explode” prevents the action from satisfying ‘has Moved the Bot’
*Entering the Arena is not defined for the bot, who has no Status and would be unable to set it to “Fighting”.



21-08-2011 18:57:22 UTC

Thank you!
1. I agree.
2. I don’t see the ambiguity, more clearess is better
3. If I say jump and then open your wings and fly away, you should still jump, right? Will make it clearer.
Any other thoughts?


21-08-2011 20:52:40 UTC

2. Does exploding replace stepping, or Moving the Bot?  (in the latter case, it locks the game)

Darknight: he/him

22-08-2011 05:36:24 UTC


Kevan: he/him

22-08-2011 08:26:32 UTC

against Per Bucky’s concern over it locking the game.

Kevan: he/him

22-08-2011 10:48:04 UTC

Also, you haven’t uploaded IconBot.png.


22-08-2011 11:18:54 UTC

against CoV, per Bucky


22-08-2011 17:10:06 UTC