Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Proposal: 62366 tiptop

Timed out. Passes 6-4—Clucky

Adminned at 04 Jun 2020 06:33:57 UTC

Create a new segment with the following values:

  • ID: 14
  • Name: Tiptop
  • Payout: Gain 1 Point
  • Global Effect: Determine the amnesiac with the most points who does not have this segment in their wager, choosing randomly between said amnesiacs if there is a tie. Remove N of their points, where N is the amount of amnesiacs that have this segment in their wager.

Eat the rich.


Josh: HE/HIM

06-02-2020 09:58:35 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

06-02-2020 10:12:11 UTC


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus: HE/THEY

06-02-2020 10:16:07 UTC



06-02-2020 11:47:31 UTC


Marco Sulla:

06-02-2020 12:17:34 UTC

.....only 1 point gain? The only winner here is the casino’ :D


Darknight: HE/HIM

06-02-2020 13:00:21 UTC


derrick: HE/HIM

06-02-2020 13:13:56 UTC

against  no house advantage

Kevan: HE/HIM

06-02-2020 13:50:30 UTC

against CoV, this feels like catch-the-leader overkill alongside Unearned. (This one is a better way to do it, though.)


06-02-2020 14:38:56 UTC

against per Kevan


06-02-2020 15:09:37 UTC



06-02-2020 21:21:21 UTC

Okay, I suppose some explanation is necessary. The gains for each person here are minimal. That’s on purpose. It’s not a very useful one to invest in, especially if we can only have a limited number of segments in our wager, as is proposed. But there are some motivations to do so: if you have high points, then you’ll want to put this in so someone else gets screwed; and if you have low points, then you’ll want to put this in so the leader gets screwed and you can eventually rise up. So while it does not net its betters many *points*, there are still some very good reasons to bet on Tiptop.

Marco Sulla:

06-02-2020 21:51:06 UTC

I think it was clear :) that’s why I voted against.


06-02-2020 22:54:28 UTC



06-03-2020 02:55:01 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

06-03-2020 19:11:17 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

06-04-2020 06:33:31 UTC

Some update for how this was enacted:

there was nothing that said this was to be a segment of the wheel. As there is now a distinction between segments of the wheel and spare segments, I think that means its a spare segment.

Also while a spare segment with index 14 would stay 14, a spare segment with id 14 has no index and so gets the default index which in this case was 13