Thursday, January 15, 2009

75th has been sent the veto icon

It may take a while for the icon to be replaced, though.

Edited by Arth: I added an important comment to this post, so please check it out.



01-15-2009 06:49:48 UTC

On something related: I think BN is starting to show it’s age. Maybe we should start thinking of moving it to a new host and upgrading our wiki version? I am having issues with it being slow and something completely down.

Furthermore, we are starting to find weird bugs and   glitches that give admin powers to normal users. I also feel we are not really using all the features of EE that could make our lives easier.

The GNDT could also use a hand, for example, integrating it a little more with BN and perhaps making it more flexible, user friendly and secure.

Now, I just don’t want to bitch about this, I think I can actually help with some of these issues (for example, I know a little about coding, so I could help with the GNDT, or maybe even cooperate with a little money to get better hosting?) Is there anyone else feeling the same way I do?


01-15-2009 07:40:18 UTC

Also, it seems there is a bug that allows non-super admins to edit comments.


01-15-2009 15:49:36 UTC

I wouldn’t be against the idea, but I’d need to know specifics of any change to be done before actually supporting them.


01-15-2009 15:57:10 UTC

If you can do it, it would be nice.


01-15-2009 16:07:34 UTC

Also, I’d be willing to help out where I can with things.  I’m not too knowledgable about code.  I’d also like to suggest that we see if 75th would be willing to work with us to impliment ideas as well especially if he still wants to be attached to blognomic.


01-15-2009 19:03:36 UTC

And I might also need Kevan to see if he wants me to mess around with the GNDT.


01-15-2009 19:59:24 UTC

Given that the GNDT is Kev’s baby, if ya will, it’d prob be better to have him tweak it then risk busting it Art.


01-16-2009 05:09:21 UTC

Actually, if he doesn’t mind he can give me the code and I can make a copy of it hosted elsewhere where you can all beta test it, before deploying it.