Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Proposal: A Cake. For you.

Fails 4-4-1. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 02 Jul 2009 21:28:57 UTC

Create a new rule, “The Cake is Not a Lie (I Promise)”:

If at any point The Princess where to achieve victory, instead the last Tourist who has made a gamestate change to complete one or more actions performed by The Princess achieves victory.

Meh, past proposal contained a typo. Thanks to yuri for allowing me to re-propose it. BTW, this proposal has nothing to do with Mario and I hope yuri can understand that. In fact no proposal has ever referred to any Mario at all.



07-01-2009 03:34:47 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

07-01-2009 03:46:57 UTC



07-01-2009 05:17:14 UTC

against Would rather reinstate the Metadynasty rules and have that happen if the Princess wins.


07-01-2009 06:16:16 UTC



07-01-2009 18:58:20 UTC

against I agree with Qwazukee. It would only take someone to make one change to win, even if someone else had done all the work.


07-01-2009 23:45:16 UTC

@Quaz: In fact, this adds strategic advantage to a player by allowing him to win through an alternate means. On top of that it makes no sense that people would just vote to reinstate what they removed a few days ago, meaning your alternate solution is not gonna happen.

@Shem: Furthermore, there is no logical way your situation would happen unless we make a proposal that makes the Princess achieve victory without her having to take an action to do it. And if for some reason we do, I am sure the main backer of it would be the last person to have made her do something, is not like we are gonna make her win accidentally.


07-02-2009 00:06:04 UTC

I never said it didn’t add strategic advantage. It does add another way to win, making it even more likely this will be over quickly.

Metadynasty left, like, a month ago. I think Amnistar would be in favor of bringing it back.


07-02-2009 02:12:06 UTC



07-02-2009 16:14:41 UTC

against I liked the metadynasty rule, even if I never experienced a real one (just the incorrectly-named metadynasty of Rodlen)


07-02-2009 23:48:39 UTC

People, if you vote AGAINST and the Princess wins, we are stuck. Your arguments would hold if I’d see you proposing an alternative. Which you aren’t doing.


07-03-2009 00:05:02 UTC

Proposed Metadynasties again for this purpose.


07-03-2009 02:18:39 UTC

imperial until the outcome of the metadynasties proposal