Monday, November 25, 2019

Proposal: a completed ruleset

Fewer than a quorum not voting against. Failed 1-3 by Kevan.

Adminned at 26 Nov 2019 11:44:26 UTC

Create a new rule titled “The Ruleset is perfect the way it is” with the text

As a daily action, an Adventurer may gain 20 Merit if in the previous day they have not made a Call For Judgement or Proposal that specified changes to the Dynastic Rules or Gamestate governed by the Dynastic Rules.

Increase the merit of any Adventurer that cannot currently take the action described above by 20.

we all check the blog regularly enough this dynasty for daily actions to be fair, right?
The second bit is because TyGuy6 and I were the only ones to make proposal within the past 2 days and I want the field to be even.



25-11-2019 06:32:44 UTC

Bold move, but a bit messy, practically speaking. I think it could be turned around, and you get points taken if you do submit something. I’m for increasing it to 20-30, as well, in a world where 100 points is likely the difference between the winner and second place.


25-11-2019 06:39:15 UTC

Or if you like, a daily communal action that gives merit to every voteable-passive Adventurer for the day previous.


25-11-2019 06:47:37 UTC

Perhaps. I’ve changed it to 20 now and improved the second clause.
We have tried something similar to what you are describing in the past. The problem with phrases where it says “if an adventurer has made a proposal” is that people would be encouraged to ration out small changes to the ruleset over a longer period of time, essentially making pointless busywork. If one were to make it count only passed proposals, then you risk people abstaining or voting against proposals in order to curb points from their opponents.
This is really a negative of that. I feel that the ruleset is essentially complete and doesn’t really need anymore changes to the mechanics. Aside from fixing whatever scam you & co. seemed to have discovered and are timing out right now—which I can’t seem to pin down exactly in the ruleset—I don’t think there should be any other changes. Instead this rewards playing out the game as it is currently written by checking in daily to take your Battle Actions at hopefully the same time you take your merit increase.


25-11-2019 07:43:03 UTC

I was recommending taking points from proposers, not offering them to proposers. Essentially the same as what you’re proposing, but without the daily check-ins from every player.


25-11-2019 07:46:02 UTC

Like, proposals are a crime, now, and everyone’s a policeman.


25-11-2019 08:21:20 UTC

well that could work. too late for me to edit this one though. if you want to propose that version you certainly have that option. something like: “if an adventurer has made a proposal, any adventurer may have them lose 20 merit.” and probably have that adventurer make a comment in that proposal to make it obvious to others it was already accounted for.

Kevan: he/him

25-11-2019 09:14:39 UTC

against I like the idea of nomicking a game together and then playing it out unchanged, but I’m less keen on pivoting to that halfway through (in a way that likely advantages the current and future Monsters, but not the past ones).

The Duke of Waltham: he/him

25-11-2019 22:04:21 UTC



26-11-2019 11:29:01 UTC