Friday, October 21, 2005

Call for Judgment: A compromise

Passed 5 to 0. AG wins. And this Dynasty has finally ended.

Adminned at 21 Oct 2005 18:05:01 UTC

Enact a new law with the following text:

There is an Country who is called the Adversary. The Adversary has the same powers as the Hegemonist except that the Adversary uses a distinct Veto icon, which is called the Adversary’s Seal (the icon may be added here by the Adversary). Each seal icon may only be changed by its wielder.

The Hegemonist and the Adversary may overturn a veto imposed by the other. This may only be done if all Proposals subsequent to the one vetoed are still pending. The vetoed Proposal then reverts to pending status. Once a veto has been overturned on a Proposal, that Proposal may not be vetoed again.

The Dynasty is still considered to belong to the Hegemonist alone, but if the Adversary is able to achieve victory in that Dynasty, then its title is changed in the Dynastic records to bear the name of the Adversary instead.

Excalabur is the current Adversary.

Opon the posting of a Ascension Address, this law becomes a rule and this sentence is removed.

AngryGrasshopper shall be declared the winner of this Dynasty, and a Hiatus shall start, just as if e posted a Declaraion of Victory and it passed. E may then post an Ascension Address.



10-21-2005 20:25:57 UTC



10-21-2005 21:00:46 UTC

for I still like this one.


10-21-2005 23:37:22 UTC

I’m going to wait until we get something sorted out to vote on this, and get AG’s opinion.

Even if AG’s win is acknowledged to be kosher, e still has the option to decline Emperorhood…

Angry Grasshopper:

10-21-2005 23:50:22 UTC



10-22-2005 00:07:14 UTC

for Go go blognomic change of regime! :)


10-22-2005 00:23:59 UTC