Saturday, January 31, 2009

Proposal: A Difference of Opinion

Self-killed -Darth

Adminned at 01 Feb 2009 13:11:19 UTC

Add the following sub-rule after sub-rule 2.5.2 Practice:

Chef Showdown
If two or more Contestants have created a “[Taste]” Story Post using the same Recipe and different descriptions of that Recipe, thereby known as the Contested Recipe, the author of the most recent post shall create a Story Post with the subject of “[Chef Showdown]” followed by the name of the Contested Recipe. This shall be known as a Chef Showdown (or Showdown) over the Contested Recipe. In the event there are pre-existing Showdowns over the same Recipe, the new Chef Showdown shall also include at the end of its subject a number representing its position in that sequence.

A Chef Showdown shall contain in its body the text of each description posted in “[Taste]” Story Posts about the Contested Recipe, attributed to the Contestant that wrote it.  In the case that two Contestants have written the same description of the Contested Recipe, those descriptions and their attributions after the first shall be omitted from the Showdown. In the case that a single Challenger has written more than one of the remaining descriptions, those descriptions and their attributions, excluding the most recent one, shall be omitted from the Showdown. Each of the included Contestants shall be known as a Challenger over the Contested Recipe for the duration of the Chef Showdown. In the case that another Showdown is to be started over the same Recipe, that Showdown shall not be started until all preceeding Showdowns over the same Recipe have ended, in which event it shall then be started. A Chef Showdown shall end 24 hours after it is started.

When a Chef Showdown ends, an Admin shall post in the comments a tally of the number of times each Challenger over the Contested Recipe has been mentioned in the comments on that Chef Showdown before it ended by Members of the Staff who are not Challengers. If more than one Challenger is mentioned in those comments by any single Member of Staff, only the last mention by that Member shall be tallied. When the tallying is complete, the Challenger with the most tallied mentions may move one Recipe from the Table of another Challenger in the Showdown onto his own Table. In the event that there are no legal Recipes to select from, that Challenger may add up to three Ingredients from the Ingredient List to their Bowl without incurring any cost for this action and regardless of the Station of that Ingredient.

A true opinion leader must ride the capricious waves of Fad if he wishes to stay ahead of his competitors.



01-31-2009 04:35:31 UTC

against Two chefs can’t taste the same recipe…
And this hasn’t been around 2 hours!


01-31-2009 04:37:27 UTC



01-31-2009 04:37:48 UTC

Why can’t they?

And for some reason this blogging software posts the time you started writing and not the time you press post.


01-31-2009 05:07:49 UTC

against Also, “shall create” means must.  This should be a may.


01-31-2009 08:55:15 UTC



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01-31-2009 14:13:07 UTC

against s/k

Youch. Didn’t expect such an overwhelmingly negative response. Self-kill for speed.


01-31-2009 19:52:30 UTC