Friday, July 14, 2017

Proposal: Dynamic NPCs

Vetoed. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 15 Jul 2017 22:02:31 UTC

Add a rule called “Agendas” with the following:

Influential entities often need the help from Pactmakers in order to advance their agendas. Agendas have ordinal Stages, and are by default in their first Stage. Content within Stages which its Agenda is not within, does not apply (and the content within the Stage the Agenda is currently at does apply as regular ruletext). The current stage an Agenda is at is tracked here, by an asterisk. Agendas advance a Stage when condition between the following symbol: “#” in their current Stage has been fulfilled. Favors may be listed here as well, in their regular format.

The Seraphim’s Agenda:“I-It’s not like I lo-love Humanity or anything, idiot! ...Love… wouldn’t even begin to describe it.

*Stage 1: “These people are ripe - they’re righteous, morally straight. We need to send them to Heaven before they have a change of heart.”
During this Stage, Pactmakers can pay 10 Stamina to Hunt and Kill a Target at their square. Doing this causes that Pactmaker to promise “I promise I won’t move back to XXX for a week (168 hours, starting when I made this Promise)”, where XXX is where they performed that “Hunt and Kill a Target” action. They have to avoid the cops, for now.
[10] Perform “Hunt and Kill a Target”.
#Quorum Pactmakers have performed the Favor above#

Stage 2: After falling from grace by encouraging mass homicides, the Seraphim needs to cannibalize on other angelic entities to stay alive - and prepare the next part of her plan.
All Stray Cherubs that are moved to the Seraphim’s square are Eaten - and removed from Ibiza.
[5] Pay a Stray Cherub to move onto the Seraphim’s Square

Could work for Innovationists/Traditionalists too (conflicting Stages perhaps, with a payoff), among others.



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I don’t think Eaten is defined.  for


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07-14-2017 22:37:56 UTC

against Because I read the proposed rule three times and did not understand it.


07-14-2017 23:11:06 UTC

against Per Cpt_Koen


07-15-2017 04:35:33 UTC

against Now that I think about it again, if this passes the “dialog” and italicized words are in the ruleset and legally binding.


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Fancier than self-killing lol veto