Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Proposal: A Fair Hint

Self killed. Failed by card.

Adminned at 01 Jun 2017 15:54:08 UTC

Make a new rule “Hint” with the text:

If every Explorer besides the Expedition Leader has their Backgrounds, the Expedition Leader private messages everyone informing them that there are possible saboteurs amidst the Expedition.



31-05-2017 15:52:21 UTC



31-05-2017 16:06:28 UTC


There could be one person squatting on not getting their Backgrounds and try to ride this nude (totally legit tactic though) but oh well.


31-05-2017 16:09:33 UTC

Hm I thought about that lightly. Maybe someone could opt to not have any backgrounds ever and then after a reasonable amount of time people who have not opted out are forced to get backgrounds.


31-05-2017 16:16:26 UTC

Wait what PM everyone? Wouldn’t a blogpost do?


31-05-2017 16:16:35 UTC

This forces me to tell everyone that there are saboteurs with no regards to whether there actually are any against

(Also, is it established that “everyone” means “all Explorers”?)


31-05-2017 16:18:23 UTC

Besides, I always found werewolf rounds without wolves pretty amusing.


31-05-2017 16:21:08 UTC

What happens if a new Explorer joins the game after you’ve sent the message? Should you send one again once they’ve got their backgrounds? Or not?

Kevan: he/him

31-05-2017 16:23:39 UTC

against The literal reading of this is that Sphinx should PM everyone all the time for as long as it remains true.

Good idea generally, though.


31-05-2017 17:17:33 UTC

Ah I wrote up a comment but closed the tab before posting.

If people are able to opt out of ever getting backgrounds though, maybe the number of those people should be mentioned in this as well, not sure if that’s too much information though.

[Gaelan, Kevan] I originally wrote it so that it gave different information, such as if there was only one Cultist telling that Cultist they were the only one. I thought it was too much information given out freely though and given that creed they have, it should be easy for them to locate others. I basically forgot to change the private message to a public post.

[Sphinx] I thought that it would be fun if people were running around looking for saboteurs even though there could be none at all or for added measure people assuming there are none when there are some in reality. This was supposed to be a “everyone has gotten their backgrounds so now deduce who’s who” hint, not a “reveal which team has the most voting power” post.


31-05-2017 17:17:50 UTC

against forgot to s/k


31-05-2017 18:23:35 UTC

[card] I see that makes sense.