Friday, February 11, 2022

Screw you, Alan

(post-dynastic commentary)


Zack: he/him

11-02-2022 17:17:34 UTC

Thanks for bearing with me, GG all. I’m surprised no one realized they could have changed the company mission statement in the rule Boring Box Company and I would have gone along with whatever it says.

Also, then original plan was for the company to be a front for an organ harvesting operation… pretty much everything I said was a hint until the putting-things-in-boxes proposal failed (you can guess what the list of valuable items was going to be).


11-02-2022 19:54:24 UTC

Ah, that’s fun! Most of us were probably unaware there were any such things going on in your thought-space. I did appreciate how consistently neutral you played the emperorship, though you had some leeway.

Josh: he/they

11-02-2022 20:35:05 UTC

I also appreciated your even-handed emperoring, although I did do my fair share of heckling / attempting to bounce you for position.

I liked quite a few elements of that dynasty, and disliked others. The ending in particular was a huge bummer.

Clucky: he/him

11-02-2022 21:38:51 UTC

This was fun. And I enjoyed the silliness of the ending. (Granted, should’ve probably sat on the exploit a bit while I cashed in the remaining money I had but where is the fun in that)

I do think the whole “emperor picks teams” thing is something we probably want to steer way from in the future. I agree Zack did the best he could to keep stuff balanced, but definitely a lot of opportunity for king making on his behalf that regardless of what he did was gonna leave someone feeling a little slighted.


11-02-2022 21:47:19 UTC

Yeah, manipulating Zack’s viewpoint to get/keep yourself in the right team became part of the game. I kept my head down after Clucky’s insubordination got him moved.

Also, Mfg was worst team to be in: Sales could often increase the budget, then immediately vest; R&D could vest, then immediately trash the budget on a lucky roll. And Mfg somehow got shorted a second Weekday Action for most of the game. (But of course, for the endgame you just wanted to be on team Mfg because Zack let the most people be there.)