Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Good Time To Come Back?

For the remainder of my time in this dynasty, I plan for the following:

- The Monk named ‘Elias IX’ to be considered dead, in the infirmary.
- This formerly alive Elias IX to have left a considerable amount of information on herbs, medicine, and some minor encrypted information of the circumstances of Alessandro’s death.
- I will assume a new identity until the next dynasty.
- I plan on not playing this dynasty to win, but to move the ruleset along.
- My stats should ideally reset, but I’d like a hint of Cipher IV. If that’s not possible, that is also fine.

If this is fine with everyone, I’ll unidle.
If not, then I’ll just come out of a cellar in the Infirmary.


Angry Grasshopper:

09-05-2006 22:34:21 UTC

You don’t have to be dead, I’m sure we can work something out about the Stations. Incidentally, if you recall that idea we had about player names (i.e., assigning fictional names to the Monks to facilitate player death)  you could propose something like that if you like.


09-05-2006 22:37:11 UTC

If you want a hint, just stab Thelonious.  Hix seems a bit dangerous.