Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Proposal: A grand test of Heroism (with the obligatory Lemur pun)


Adminned at 07 Jul 2008 22:46:55 UTC

Add a new Dynastic Rule to the Ruleset.  Call it “Decoration” and give it the following text:

Through exceptional performance, DDA members can earn the attention, approval and patronage of the High Command.  Each DDA member has a certain number of Commendations, tracked in the GNDT.  New DDA Members have 0 Commendations.  If a DDA Member ever has more Commendations than the Commander, that DDA Member has proved to High Command that he is capable of command himself and gets promoted over the Commander’s head, thus achieving victory.

Add a subrule to the rule called “Decoration”.  Call it “Medals” and give it the following text:

When a DDA Member’s Piloting Skill becomes 10 for the first time, he is awarded a Hawk’s Feather for his exceptional skill.  He gains 1 Commendation.
When a DDA Member’s Gunnery Skill becomes 10 for the first time, he is awarded an Eagle’s Talon for his exceptional marksmanship.  He gains 1 Commendation.
When a DDA Member has more than 40 Lemurs for the first time, he is awarded a Hero’s Tail.  He gains 1 Commendation.
Whenever a Containment Post is successful, the DDA Member who used the most Energy on that Containment Post, or Members in case of a tie, is awarded a Cross of Courage.  They gain 1 Commendation each.
Whenever a Spacebattle ends in which at least one spacecraft has been destroyed, each crew member on a spacecraft that wasn’t destroyed is awarded a Star of Service.  They gain 1 commendation each.
A DDA Member with enough experience may spend 100 Experience to gain a Square of Seniority.  He gains 1 Commendation.
If a quorum of comments on a proposal containing valid votes on that proposal also contain the word “Epic”, and the proposal passes, the DDA Member who proposed it is awarded a Pentagon of Penmanship.  He gains 1 Commendation.
As a Daily Action, the DDA Commander may award one DDA Member a Hexagon of Heroism.  That DDA Member gains 1 Commendation.

Set everyone’s Commendations to 0 except for the DDA Commander.  Set the DDA Commander’s Commendations to 7.  For the purposes of the rule “Decoration”, the DDA Commander has already been one of each Commendation in that rule except the Hexagon of Heroism, and thus cannot re-earn the first three commendations.




07-08-2008 04:59:42 UTC

for well now theres a possible 2nd way for this dynasty to end lol.


07-08-2008 05:18:57 UTC

Daily action: give myself a hexagon of heroism.


07-08-2008 05:20:39 UTC

lol don’t jump the gun rodlen


07-08-2008 05:22:02 UTC

against for that reason.


07-08-2008 05:24:17 UTC

lol why kill the whole thing when ya can reword it in another proposal?


07-08-2008 05:25:12 UTC

Fear the sharks.


07-08-2008 05:26:27 UTC

heh you just want the longest dynasty don’t ya? =P


07-08-2008 05:29:43 UTC

Yes…and I want the unfinished rules to get finished and duels and spacebattles to go on.


07-08-2008 05:31:28 UTC

can still get them going. not like we’re gonna win ten mins after this would pass lol


07-08-2008 05:32:14 UTC

against s-k in favor of the patched version.


07-08-2008 05:34:46 UTC

veto I can’t allow you to self-kill.