Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Proposal: A Hot Welcome

Timed out and failed, 1 vote to 1. Josh

Adminned at 27 Dec 2020 09:27:12 UTC

In the rule “The Battlefield”, change

a target, which must be an ID Code of a Bogey


a target, which must either be the Breach or an ID Code of a Bogey

In the list of “When Poindexter resolves a Fire Action they should refer to the following, and reflect any outcomes in the appropriate Schedule Post:”, add the following item as the second item of the list:

* If the target is the Breach, and any DEVAs Emerged from the Breach between the Firing Attempt’s creation and its schedule time, the first such DEVA to Emerge becomes the target; otherwise, the Firing Attempt is aborted and has no further effect.

This afternoon, I attempted to line up a shot at the emerging DEVA only to be unable to call it in because its ID code wasn’t registered. Our boldest Pilots should not be held up by such bureaucratic trivialities.


Josh: he/they

23-12-2020 09:52:42 UTC

against I think you can’t target a DEVA until it has emerged.