Saturday, May 16, 2009

A kind of currency

Create a new rule called “Tokens”

There exists a GNDT column called tokens. The valid values of it are 0 and any positive integer. A contestant who is “out” may not have any tokens. If a new contestant joins the game, they start with 1 token. Tokens may be spent on actions defined by subrules of this rule at any time. To spend them the contestant must create a post in blognomic stating the amount being spent and the action taken. They must then reduce their number of tokens by the specified amount. A contestant may reduce their own tokens to any legal value and increase another contestants tokens by the same amount.

Create a subrule “Immunity”

By spending X + 1 tokens, a selected contestant may not have his status changed to out for 24X hours.

Create a subrule “Welcoming back”

By spending 5 tokens, a selected contestant with a status of out may have his status changed to in.

Give everyone 1 token.



16-05-2009 11:00:09 UTC

Mmm..tokens.  for

SingularByte: he/him

16-05-2009 11:02:06 UTC

I forgot to make it a proposal. I’ll repropose it.