Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A legal dispute over $1M

Last night, I Advanced TIme, giving alethiophile $1M.  Kevan proceeded to undo it because “[the proposal] ‘Go forth and construct’ hasn’t passed yet.” 

However, the proposal “Default values” had already put the production rights for Cash into the Public Domain, and Cash already fits the current definition of a Product (i.e. a numerical status column in the GNDT).  I would like to hear Kevan explain emself before filing a CfJ.


Kevan: he/him

12-06-2007 17:58:10 UTC

Ah, okay, I overlooked that part of “Default Values” - I was only checking for the existence of public-domain cash in the ruleset and the visible wiki-gamestate.

But even so, I’m not sure cash existed, at the time of the rollover:-

Rule 2.3.1 says that “A Product is a numerical status column in the GNDT.”, and there was no column for Cash - it also goes onto say “There is a Product for every subrule of this Rule”, and there were no subrules of Rule 2.3.1, at the time, therefore no Products.

I’m not sure it made any sense to say that Cash was a public-domain Product before it existed as a Product.

Kevan: he/him

12-06-2007 18:00:30 UTC

And ah, fair call on the column existing, but I think the subrule clause still stands.


12-06-2007 19:11:12 UTC

The subrule clause states only that some Products exist based on the names of subrules.  It does not state that other products cannot exist.


12-06-2007 20:14:26 UTC

Question: Would not Josh and I have gained $1M as well? Does only the person advancing time update the GNDT, or the individual player?


12-06-2007 22:35:43 UTC

At the time I Advanced Time, neither of you had allocated any Production.


13-06-2007 06:32:33 UTC

Where was it that Alethiophile allocated production?

Kevan: he/him

13-06-2007 08:42:08 UTC

It was allocated in the wiki, but I reverted it as being illegal. (There’s an extra argument about Alethiophile’s actual product allocation being illegal - he assigned zero to Offices and Factories before they existed - but I won’t call it out.)

I’ll concede the Cash existing thing, revert the wiki page and give him his million dollars. Carry on.


13-06-2007 20:04:20 UTC

Ok, got it {:0)