Friday, September 01, 2006

A little to say

I’m not ready to unidle until Monday or so, but I really want this to remain a musical dynasty, so here are some ideas I’ve had:

- The Conductor can tune every now and then, so he can call for a tuning session, and everyone will roll dice to tune in an attempt to get eir “pitch”/“tune” to 0, and not anything negative or positive.
- The Conductor can also set the key in which Musicians play, which is any of the 12 pitches, either Major or Minor… maybe each key could mean something different? Or each Musician can also set the key e plays in…
- The Conductor can set a tempo, or conduct Ritardandos and Accelerandos. Use your imagination.
- Two or more Musicians could play together, and Make Music. Effects? I don’t know.
- The Conductor can choose a time signature, which may change essential parts of Blognomic, like the number of proposals/votes allowed, or some other GNDT stats as they pop up, depending on how erratic the time signature is. (13/4, anyone?)

When I get back, I’ll actually propose something, but right now I’m just throwing my ideas into the pool.



09-01-2006 17:10:58 UTC

I especially like your last point.  And I like the general idea of adding various things which don’t obviously do anything at the moment but which might do things later depending on how they’re wired up.