Thursday, October 23, 2008

Proposal: A lot of things


Adminned at 24 Oct 2008 14:18:11 UTC

If rule “Duels” does not exist, this proposal does nothing.

Change the text of rule “Duels” so that where it reads:

Valid Combat Moves are:-

Use an Item (specifying one of the Items the Clansman was holding when they accepted the Duel).

It now reads:

Valid combat moves (and their brief description):

Slam: Uses brute force as an attack. This is a punch if unarmed, or a blunt swing with an equipped weapon.
Tech: Attacks with skill and combat finesse. Represents a kick if unarmed, or the activation of an equipment’s special ability.
Grab: A good move to counter technical opponents. It can only be performed unarmed.
Dodge: The Clansmen keeps moving and sidesteps enemy attacks.
Item X: Specifies that an item X is used (if said item has any effect when used). An Item can only be used this way if the Clansmen specified it at the beginning of the Duel.

When a Clansmen specifies a Slam, Tech or Grab, that Clansmen may also add the name of an Item they specified at the beginning of the duel. This item is known as the equipped item for that round, but it has no additional effect by itself unless the description of the Item specifies what it does when equipped.

Replace each instance of “Punch” in rule “Duels” with “Slam”.
Replace each instance of “Kick” in rule “Duels” with “Tech”.

If more than half of all comments containing counted votes also contain the text “Weapons”, also add the following to the “List of Valid Items”:

Stone Axe: When equipped while the Clansmen Slams, any Damage the opponent suffers is Crushing Damage instead.
Bone Spear: When equipped while the Clansmen Techs, any Damage the opponent suffers is Crushing Damage instead.
Crude Knife: When equipped while the opponent Grabs, the opponents takes Damage if you did not take Damage this round.
Wooden Bow: When equipped while the opponent Doges, the opponent takes Damage if you did not take Damage this round.

Why no bonuses to Grab? That makes it an unexpected choice, and thus increases its strategy value!




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10-23-2008 02:24:18 UTC

What does it mean to be unarmed?  Nowhere does it say what unarmed means.  Does it mean no weapon or no items or no pending proposals…?


10-23-2008 04:04:15 UTC

Means whatever it means in the English language unless a rule overrides it.


10-23-2008 04:50:06 UTC

But even the english definition is ambiguous.  Does it mean no weapons or no weapons or armor?


10-23-2008 05:24:04 UTC

Right now, there is no distinction between weapons and armor, so it doesn’t matter yet, doesn’t it? Then again I think the text after the colons could be turned into flavor text instead…


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Aemos: You cannot vote yet, until an admin adds you to the active Clansmen list. I’d do it but I don’t remember how…


10-23-2008 09:51:51 UTC

against A good way to merge weapon attacks with kicking and punching, but the wording needs tightening up before we can start playing fairly with it.

Grab is definitely dodgy; “unarmed” can mean either “not equipping a weapon this turn” or “not holding any weapons at the moment”, and it’s not clear which. (Is it a typo that you can specify an item when grabbing?) Dropping the “equipped” terminology would make it easier to follow, I think; just say “When Stone Axe is used to Slam…”

And “Tech” is a slightly weird and unthematic verb. Maybe “Charge”?


10-23-2008 10:22:46 UTC

against What Kevan said.


10-23-2008 12:49:00 UTC

against per Kevan and because I like Kevan’s core proposal better.

Hello Sailor:

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against S/K I’ll consider the suddestions made for a new version if Duels passes