Friday, October 17, 2008

Proposal: A New Beginning

reached a quorum, final vote 8-3—Yoda
Yoda and Qapmoc became Clan Lords as well.  Rodlen, you missed your chance.

Adminned at 17 Oct 2008 21:23:34 UTC

At various points during the dynasty, I may not have the time to perform certain necessary tasks.  As a result, I’ll need some ‘official help’ to step in.

Add a new Rule to the Ruleset.  Call it “Clan Lords” and give it the following text:

Certain Clansmen are Clan Lords.  Clan Lords have privileges and responsibilities that ordinary Clansmen do not.  If a Clan Lord (other than the Patriarch) does not fulfill his responsibilities, a proposal may be made to remove or replace them from the list of Clan Lords.

The Patriarch is always a Clan Lord.

The identity of all Clan Lords is tracked in this Rule.  Whenever a Clansman becomes a Clan Lord, he is added to the list below, and whenever a Clansmen ceases to be a Clan Lord, he is removed from the list below. 

The following Clansmen are Clan Lords:

Each Clansman who votes on this proposal may include the name of exactly one Clansman in the comment containing his vote.  Any Clansman who named himself in this manner and was named by at least one other Clansman becomes a Clan Lord and is added to the list.


Kevan: HE/HIM

10-17-2008 09:48:22 UTC

for And unidling.


10-17-2008 10:22:23 UTC

for Qapmoc


10-17-2008 14:10:30 UTC

for Yoda


10-17-2008 15:26:38 UTC

for Yoda


10-17-2008 15:42:16 UTC

for Yoda


10-17-2008 15:59:09 UTC

for Yoda


10-17-2008 17:31:16 UTC

for Rodlen


10-17-2008 17:54:27 UTC

for Qapmoc


10-17-2008 17:54:42 UTC

for Qapmoc


10-17-2008 18:54:27 UTC

against This rule (also) doesn’t specify where in the Ruleset it belongs.  Therefore, I am compelled to CoV.

In case this proposal does pass (and end up somewhere in the Ruleset…), and in accordance with its wording: Rodlen.


10-17-2008 21:03:57 UTC

Same concerns as X.


10-18-2008 00:33:05 UTC

against  Wait…yeah.


10-18-2008 01:00:11 UTC

Come on, guys.  Is this something we really need to worry about.  Like Rodney said in the other proposal, we have not had a problem with this until now.


10-18-2008 03:45:32 UTC

for Yoda