Sunday, August 01, 2021

Ascension Address: A new Leader, a new crisis

Friends, fellow Generals, and esteemed others

It is with great surprise that I find myself issuing this address today. Did I think I would not be elected the first Leader of Tribuna?  Maybe; the votes were pretty close after all.  I only won with a 56% vote against my rival.  Nevertheless, it is my hope that the First Dynasty of Jumble will be one of cooperation, and I encourage that the election for who will be my advisor be just as peaceful as this one.

Wait, what’s this scroll that just got delivered to me?
unrolls paper It’s a declaration of war-yeah this isn’t good.

The Kingdom of Tribuna has been a thorn in the side of the Ashen Concord for too long: signing pathetic treaties to protect your precious forests and farmlands, locking unholy artifacts in vaults where the Concord’s High Demonologists cannot reach them, and most recently, funding the rogue adventuring party who slayed Val’gamath the Ever-Burning mere days after their summoning unto this plane. No longer will we tolerate you obstructing this world’s passage into the Age of Smoke and Bone! Lay down your arms and surrender to us or become kindling for the flame that will consume this world. In all my power as the Ashen Queen, I, lemonfanta, shall see your Kingdom fall.

Okay, change of plans.  I’ll just select the General who has proven themselves best in this war we seemed to have been forced into by our hostile neighbor!  We can’t really do an election right now, anyways.  Now go on!  Mobilize!

Repeal all Dynastic rules.  Set No Collaboration to Active.  Set the new Synonym for Emperor to Leader and the new Synonym for Player to General.

Okay let’s just get the ball rolling.  So the general conceit of this dynasty is that we’re all fighting against lemonfanta, the Ashen Queen.  If she wins, then a Metadynasty with a predetermined theme starts. 

Yes, there’s a Round One reference in there.  Why not?


Chiiika: she/her

01-08-2021 20:32:48 UTC

Let’s gooooo!

lemon: she/her

01-08-2021 20:40:30 UTC

hello everyone!! my Imperial Style this dynasty will be Guide, Dungeonmaster, Powerhouse, Scam Neutral, Restrained Vetoer, and finally Instinctual! i’m looking to guide the dynasty towards political machinations where y’all have to thread the needle between outdoing eachother and winning the war :U

look here for more info:

Lulu: she/her

01-08-2021 20:48:11 UTC

I’m not 100% sure on my Style but it’s likely Gardener-(no clue on player protection)-Casual-Neutral*ish*(will still try to close any spotted loopholes if I notice first)-Restrained-Instinctual.