Monday, February 06, 2017

A new villager arrives on the road

Hello Bognomic, it is my intention to become a villager. My last appearance in these lands was during the first dynasty of Joranj (February 2004).


quirck: HE/HIM

02-06-2017 19:25:54 UTC

Welcome! Your GNDT password has been PM’d to you.

Quorum remains 5.


02-06-2017 19:42:20 UTC

Hi again! I recall an orkboi user from years ago. I was (am?) Mat from dynasty 5-ish to some dynasty in the teens and only recently, too, returned after a long hiatus.


02-06-2017 20:12:51 UTC

It’s like a revival! I know in the US there has been a general upsurge of interest in obscure rules of order and bureaucratic over the last year or so. Coincidence?


02-07-2017 11:03:00 UTC

holy fuck 2004 lol

welcome back!