Friday, March 30, 2007

Ascension Address: A note to all life form: Grow up!

With just one cell in your body, I find it hard to see how you can hear what I say, much less talk, vote and do all that you do so well. I only know of just one life form in my home land that has a good mind, and yet it does seem that even a tiny life form here has a good mind. And that is good, for it will help us to have more fun as we grow up, no? I mean, it is good to have a mind, but you all are just a tiny life form none-the-less. If you want to have a real good life you need to “grow up” and turn into a new life form. Step by step, you need to shed that old one cell skin and grow into a new and not-as-tiny body. Only then will you be as cool as the life-form-with-a-mind that I know from my home land. The time that does tick is now on. The fate of each of your “life far from nows” does not rest in your hand, for you have not a hand yet, but it does rest with each of you.

Repel all Dynastic Rules
Throughout the ruleset, replace “Agent(s)” with “Lifeform(s)”.
Throughout the ruleset, replace “Mastermind” with “Apprentice of Will Wright”


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