Friday, March 09, 2018

Proposal: A Perfectly Sensible Story

reached quorum 7-0 enacted by card

Adminned at 11 Mar 2018 07:38:13 UTC

Create a rule titled “Royal Concern” with the following content:

Kings can start and have Royal Concerns. Each King takes turns having a Royal Concern (with the first one decided at random by one of them), which is a statement chosen by then for the Pawns to try to explain or give excuses about, played in a Sticky Post. A King with a Royal Concern is Glaring at one randomly chosen Pawn at the start of it, and that Pawn must use a noun from the Terrain of their current location to give further insight to the current Royal Concern, as well as passing the issue to a different Pawn, which the King then Glares. For example:

“So, John Doe. How did my basket go missing?”
“Ah, it was the Dodo, your highness! They stole it from you! But, my companion here Jane Doe can surely give you more details about that.”

If the a quorum of Pawns deem that the excuse given by a Pawn which was the previous one to be Glared at to be too unconvincing (expressing so unambiguiously in a comment to the relevant sticky post), take longer than 34 hours, then the King with the Concern can and shall submit them to Punishment, setting their Sanity to be the average of all the Pawn’s Sanity besides their own and zero. Doing this ends the current Royal Concern, and the following King shall start a new Royal Concern. At their leisure

If a quorum of Pawns have included the text “84” in a comment then change 34 to 48.

An edited version of Cuddlebeam’s proposal, mainly making voting and changing the time limit



03-10-2018 00:55:25 UTC

Some typos: “If the a quorum of Pawns”
“if the quorum deem [it] unconvincing, take longer than 34 hours, ...” should probably be “... or if the pawn takes longer than 34 hours”
The average is also different than in Cuddlebeam’s proposal, but I like this one too, so for


03-10-2018 04:43:33 UTC

for  eighty-four


03-10-2018 07:41:17 UTC



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for 84