Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Proposal: A tentative toe in the water

Withdrawn. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 05 Mar 2022 08:41:35 UTC

Add a new subrule to the rule Parallel Dynastic Histories, called Parallel Rules:

Any Parallel Dynastic History that has undergone the Ascension Research atomic action may be the target of the Gameplay Research atomic action.

Gameplay Research is an atomic Cresi Action that any Maestro Team Member may carry out. It has the following steps:
* The Maestro Team Member carrying out this action may select one dynastic rule that is recorded on the ruleset linked to from the dynastic history page of the Prime Dynasty with the same number as the parallel dynasty in question. The selected rule must have been proposed and enacted during the prime dynasty in question; if no such rule exists then this action fails and all subsequent steps are not carried out.
* The selected text should then be privately copied and amended as follows: the thematic terms for Emperor and Player should be replaced with those from the parallel dynasty; the following text should be appended to the beginning of the selection: “In [theme] we shall play the game by the following rule:” where [theme] is replaced with the theme of the parallel dynasty; changing any non-player-or-emperor-synonymous nouns in the text to nouns that are appropriate to the theme of the parallel dynasty, consistently changing each noun to the same term when they reappear.
* Use that text as a seed in the Paralleliser. Add the output, up until the end of the last complete sentence, to the Parallel Dynastic History in question as a Key Proposal with a relevant title of the poster’s choice.

The rule Stamina from the ruleset of Dynasty 180, as interpreted as part of the Towering Inferno Dynasty:

Stamina is tracked at the “Mission Log”. Pathfinders have an amount of Stamina, defaulting to 7 and with a maximum of 10. If no Pathfinder has done so in the last 72 hours, a Pathfinder may Sunrise, granting each Pathfinder 7 Stamina (or setting it to 10, if it’s at more than 3), then decreasing each Pathfinder’s Stamina by the total Encumbrance of the Items that Pathfinder is carrying (to a minimum of zero). Whenever a Pathfinder Sunrises they must also add 2 to the number of Pods held in the Gear of the Base on the Geosynchronous Rig.


In The Towering Inferno Dynasty we play the game by the following rule: Chords are tracked at the “Set List”. Metalheads have an amount of Chords, defaulting to 7 and with a maximum of 10. If no Metalhead has done so in the last 72 hours, a Metalhead may Mosh, granting each Pathfinder 7 Chords (or setting it to 10, if it’s at more than 3), then decreasing each Metalhead’s Chords by the total Encumbrance of the Instruments that Metalhead is carrying (to a minimum of zero). Whenever a Metalhead Moshes they must also add 2 to the number of Sweat held in the Hair of the Band on the Stage. If a Metalhead has Mosh’d within the last 24 hours they must also add 1 point to the number of Chords.

Mosh’ing at a performance is the way to ensure the music never stops. A new rule has also been added: A Metalhead can only Mosh with a Metalhead, but Metalheads do not have to Mosh with a Metalhead.

In the case of a tie, a random generator is invoked, with the result of Metalhead Chord being used as the result.

Pure Mosh

The Pure Mosh is a rare and secret, but brutal form of musical worship known only to Metalheads. Only one person is allowed to participate in this act: the Band Leader. This person must stand right in the middle of the stage and not move at all. All other Band Members must surround the person performing the Pure Mosh, and stand on the outside of the person, never entering the space they occupy.


Brendan: he/him

02-03-2022 23:41:28 UTC

(First sentence has a bit of a grammatical duplication: “On any… that has undergone… may be the target.”)

Josh: he/they

03-03-2022 09:22:00 UTC

Thank you - I have treated the errant first ‘on’ as a typo and removed it.

Brendan: he/him

03-03-2022 16:26:42 UTC


Roujo: he/him

03-03-2022 22:54:00 UTC


Clucky: he/him

04-03-2022 04:53:47 UTC

no limit on how many times one can do this?



04-03-2022 06:24:39 UTC

against I’m not entirely convinced there isn’t a text injection scam involved in the creation of “Key Proposals” with “a relevant title of the poster’s choice”. In fact, the word “poster” is perhaps too convenient in this context, considering a Votable Matter is defined as “a post which Maestro Team Members may cast Votes on”.

No rule says a proposal’s title is flavour text, that I can find. Nothing says a proposal can’t state effects in its title. Nothing says a proposal has to be resolved (a change to the post’s status box) to be enacted (its effects applied).

If this passes, I might have to join the rush to abuse this weird scam, though I haven’t yet considered whether it would cross the core-rules fair-play line.

Clucky: he/him

04-03-2022 07:26:41 UTC

isn’t the entire historical document flavor text? none of these proposals would do anything, just be documents of what the proposal in the parallels dynasty was

Josh: he/they

04-03-2022 08:18:04 UTC

Yeah, I think everything this creates is flavour text on the basis of parallel historical documents.

@Clucky It’s a Cresi action that can only be done once per parallel dynasty, so somewhat limited.


04-03-2022 08:22:19 UTC

Much of these documents is NOT flavor text; they are gamestate proper because they are governed by the ruleset. If you see something saying the wiki pages are flavor, point it out in the rules. So far all I see is:

“Each parallel universe dynasty must have a number (which is the same as the number of the Prime Dynasty it is associated with), an ordinal (a non-negative ordinal integer defaulting to First), an Emperor, and a theme, which is flavour text.”

Clucky: he/him

04-03-2022 08:26:15 UTC

I guess I take the argument that the flavortextness is implied. Even if it wasn’t declared to be flavor text, a dynasty with the theme of “Kevan wins” would not mean that kevan wins. Nor would one that had the string “Kevan wins” somewhere else.

But I suppose it doesn’t hurt to clarify that, then redo this against


04-03-2022 08:26:26 UTC

In fact, they are explicitly made gamestate in “may create a history page for a parallel dynasty by ... once they have done so, that page becomes gamestate.”


04-03-2022 09:15:40 UTC

I recommend someone with a proposal slot makes an amendment that fixes things. Something for if this passes and some crazy proposal gets tossed onto a parallel dynasty page, with a deadline of 48 hours until it can be enacted. For example:

To the paragraph that begins with “A parallel dynasty’s history page”, append the following:

Excepting that its elements may be referred to or modified via dynastic rules, a parallel dynasty’s history page is flavour text.

Kevan: City he/him

04-03-2022 09:26:05 UTC

against Per TyGuy.

Josh: he/they

04-03-2022 09:32:36 UTC

against Withdrawn, against my own instinct; I’ll put up a patch.