Friday, July 27, 2007

Proposal: A use for Goods

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Adminned at 30 Jul 2007 18:18:27 UTC

Add a new Dynastic Rule called ‘Supergoods’ containing the following text:

In order to increase productivity, Corporations may use their Goods to construct Supergoods, which are recorded in a column in the GNDT. This column should either contain “(none)” if the Corporation possesses no Supergoods, or a list of their Supergoods with a number in brackets denoting the quantity of each Supergood. For example: “Supergood (3), Hypergood (6)”.

Only one type of Supergood may be produced per day, but in unlimited quantity. To construct a Supergood, a Corporation adds that Supergood (and its quantity in brackets) to their list and destroys the items listed in the Supergood’s Parts List. Supergoods may be destroyed at any time, with the Corporation destroying them gaining one Good for each Supergood destroyed.

Unless otherwise stated, when Time is Advanced by the Government, each Corporation possessing Supergoods loses one Good for each Supergood they own. If a Corporation is unable to pay the running cost of their Supergoods, they lose all their Goods and Supergoods, thus rendering their Outlets useless.

The construction rights for all Supergoods are in the public domain, unless otherwise stated.

Add a subrule to ‘Supergoods’ entitled ‘Cash-o-Matic’ with the following text:

Parts List: 5 Goods
For each Cash-o-Matic a Corporation owns, that Corporation gains $3M whenever Time is Advanced.

Add a new column to the GNDT called ‘Supergoods’.

EDIT: I’ve made the Cash-o-Matic constructable and worthwhile. What do you think?



07-27-2007 18:29:16 UTC

imperial I kinda like it, but I’m not sure i have a qualified enough opinion to determine whether this would be more trouble than it’s worth.

Also, the Cash-o-Matic supergood: You already gain $1M for each good when time is advanced, so for each Cash-o-matic Supergood it would give you $1M, and you’d have to destroy a good in maintenace costs, in addition to the good(s) you’d have to destroy in order to make a cash-o-matic.

Of course, you didn’t include a parts list for the cash-o-matic either, so technically you can’t make them in the first place.


07-27-2007 19:35:01 UTC

Good point, I’ll change it tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.


07-27-2007 19:42:01 UTC

But don’t you lose your good? And not lose your cash-o-matic?


07-27-2007 20:12:47 UTC


The rules for Daemons are already sufficient to do what you want, if you override the Daemon’s Summoning and Maintenance Costs.


07-28-2007 10:07:35 UTC



07-28-2007 15:11:57 UTC