Monday, June 01, 2015

Proposal: A Whittle Knowledge

Reached quorum 4 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 02 Jun 2015 08:42:08 UTC

To the first paragraph of “Collectables”, add:

A figurine may be either Protean or Inert: a Protean figurine is of one or more Humans, and an Inert figurine is of a single Human.

Replace “each of the two Shifters gains a figurine of the other’s Form” with:

each of the two Shifters gains an Inert figurine of the other’s Form

Replace “gain a figurine of any one of the Humans named in their Storytelling Comment” with:

gain a Protean figurine which is of each of the Humans named in their Storytelling Comment

Add a new paragraph before the final paragraph of that rule:

A Shifter may convert a Protean figurine in their possession into an Inert figurine at any time, such that the Inert figurine is of one of the Humans represented in the Protean figurine, by making a comment to this effect in the most recent New Day Dawns post.

Replace “figurine collection that includes each Individual Human” with:-

figurine collection that includes an Inert figurine of each Individual Human

Existing figurines that were carved in foretelling become Protean figurines of all Humans named in the relevant Storytelling Comment; all other figurines become Inert.

Formalising the currently hazy requirement to “prove” which of three storytelling subjects a player secretly chose to carve.



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