Saturday, December 16, 2017

A wild Failed Experiment appears!

I intend to join BlogNomic and become a Failed Experiment.

I was walking along the road one day, minding my own business. This was a road I frequently traveled, but only to a certain point. Today I decided that I would venture farther, and so I did. After an hour or so of walking, I came upon a small city. I decided to enter it. It was quite a peculiar city, as there seemed to be nobody walking about. It was coming upon evening, however, so I figured that everybody was already inside. I continued to walk further, until I reached a field. At this point, I considered turning back, as there didn’t seem to be anything of much interest. But, nevertheless, I continued onward. I had to pull up some dry grass to put in my lantern to provide some light. After walking for another half hour, I saw what looked like a forest in the distance. I wanted to investigate it, so I started to run towards it. It took about twenty minutes to get into the forest. I slowed to a walk again, and continued on. All of a sudden, I heard strange noises from behind the trees. This frightened me, and I started to run out of the forest. But my efforts were futile. The noises came from a strange creature, looking like it was a failed laboratory experiment straight out of a sci-fi TV show. This creature was able to run faster than I could, and got in front of me. Before I could even try to escape, it spit acid directly in my face, and knocked me out.

I woke up in a laboratory. I didn’t feel like a human anymore. I was quite hungry, and was still hurting from the acid. I then realized… I had become a Failed Experiment!



16-12-2017 15:15:00 UTC


Kevan: he/him

16-12-2017 16:55:16 UTC

Welcome to BlogNomic - you are now a Failed Experiment, and can start voting and proposing. You’re in the Forest with 12HP, like most of the rest of us. Quorum remains 4.


16-12-2017 17:45:46 UTC

Welcome ATMunn :). Love your introduction.