Monday, May 12, 2014

Proposal: A Wild Proposal Appeared!

Times out and passes 8-0. Adminned by Rodney.

Adminned at 15 May 2014 05:20:13 UTC

Add a new rule, “Approaching Beasts”:-

If there is no active Approach post for a particular Beast, a Knight may Approach that Beast by posting a blog entry with the title “Approaching [beast]”, where “[beast]” is the name of the Beast. The blog entry may contain any content. Such a blog entry is known as an Approach post, and starts as active.

Tactics that can be used against Beasts are ATTACK, SCOUT, TAME and HIDE. If a comment on an active Approach post contains any of these words in capital letters, the Knight who made that comment is considered to be taking that Tactic against the Beast for this Approach; they can be referred to by a corresponding adjective such as “Attacking Knight” or “Taming Knight”. (If a Knight makes more than one such comment, only the most recent comment is considered.)

If a quorum of Knights have taken Tactics for an active Approach, the Baron may resolve that Approach as follows (with all adjectival references to Knights referring only to the Knights who took a Tactic on this Approach):-

  • If a majority of Knights who have taken a Tactic on the Approach are Attacking Knights, then the Beast is attacked: The Baron rolls DICE6 for each Weapon wielded by an Attacking Knight, then adds DICE4 for each Scouting Knight. If the total exceeds the Beast’s Fortitude, the Beast’s rule is repealed and each Attacking Knight and each Scouting Knight gains Gold equal to the Beast’s Fortitude; otherwise a randomly-selected Attacking Knight loses a random Weapon that they are Wielding (if they are Wielding any).
  • Otherwise, nothing happens.

When an Approach has been resolved, it ceases to be active.

In the rule “Beasts”, replace “Each Beast has a Motive and a Behaviour.” with:-

Each Beast has a Motive, a Behaviour and an amount of Fortitude.

To the rule “Dragon”, add:-

The Dragon’s Fortitude is 25.



12-05-2014 20:00:31 UTC


Josh: he/him

12-05-2014 21:35:53 UTC

imperial This seems over-complicated, I must say.

Kevan: Oracle he/him

12-05-2014 21:40:39 UTC

Perhaps - I was just trying to get things going, as it’s been a full week with no legal game actions available to players, let alone meaningful ones.


12-05-2014 22:19:15 UTC

imperial I also think it seems too complicated


13-05-2014 02:34:15 UTC



13-05-2014 06:46:53 UTC


RaichuKFM: she/her

13-05-2014 12:35:12 UTC

for Doesn’t seem overly complicated to me.


13-05-2014 14:09:55 UTC