Friday, March 09, 2007

Declaration of Victory: A winner is you!

The Arbiter Iuri has voted, and 12 hours have passed.  Resolving…
A Quorum of Iudicies have voted, and more than half are in favor.
A New Dynasty Begins with Hix as Arbiter Iuri.  E may pass this role to another Iudex if e wishes.
Hiatus continues until an Arbiter Iuri posts an Ascension Address.

Adminned at 09 Mar 2007 10:54:12 UTC

At this time, I am the only Iudex able to make a Motion, and have therefore achieved victory according to Rule 2.3.

In order to make a Motion, an Iudex MUST (according to Rule add a line to the Mystical Chant wiki page, and that _addition_ MUST conform to any restrictions on the Chant Regulations wiki page.  However, the following sentences restricting additions to the Mystical Chant page currently appear on the Chant Regulations page:

*Lines may not be added to the Mystical Chant page unless they are being added by Hix.

*A line added to the Mystical Chant page must consist of exactly the same number of alpha-numeric characters as the name of the Iudex (as it appears on the list of Active Actors on the main Blog) adding that line.

*The addition of one or more lines to the Mystical Chant page is forbidden unless the Iudex adding those lines originally registered at on November 02, 2005.

No one other than myself is able to add a line to the Mystical Chant page following all 3 of these restrictions (or even just one of them, in fact), and thus, when attempting to make a Motion, would find emself unable to actually do so legally.



03-09-2007 01:47:44 UTC



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03-09-2007 03:56:44 UTC


Although, I must say, not only did I point out the loop hole *and* make a motion to plug the loop hole, but even if I had voted(I donno why I didnt) it still would’ve passed. <_< (Although, it would have led to an interesting debate. Because one part of the rules said that Ammistar, if e doesn’t vote, would get my vote. The other part says that Ammistar’s vote is assumed to be yes. But because people like winners, everyone would’ve sided with Hix anyways) =P.

But yeah. Nice job. It may not top Kevan’s infamous idle everyone else but me and then declare victory—but this is still an excellent example of winning via apathy. =)


03-09-2007 06:06:50 UTC

I never would have gotten away with this.


03-09-2007 06:16:05 UTC

Even though it seems that everyone wants a new dynasty, I’ve got to vote against this DoV.  This is because even though the text says “must”, it doesn’t say “in order to”, but rather “whenever”.  Now there could be some dispute about what that means, but to me at least it seems that adding to the Chant is a byproduct of making a motion rather than a requirement for it.  Now, what exactly happens when a motion is actually made by someone other than Hix is anyone’s guess, but I think we can still make motions at this point.


03-09-2007 14:03:19 UTC

If you must do something which you cannot do after you do a certain action, then you cannot take that action. Hix’s victory is perfectly legit, if not rather cheep.

At least my party actually got a member. Banana Republicans FTW!


03-09-2007 16:27:54 UTC

against This would be true if said motion was actually adopted. However, as currently no motion is adopted due to the lack of a certain three-letter-word, I’m going to have to vote no.


03-09-2007 16:52:11 UTC

against I have to say no.


03-09-2007 17:22:04 UTC

I’m idle but I hope this passes, just to get this dynasty over with.


03-09-2007 17:45:08 UTC

Please explain Rodney. The motion was adopted because the proposer and the seconder count as yeses. So its three yeses to one noes(achoo!).


03-09-2007 18:23:56 UTC

Explicit for .

Presumably, Rodney’s objection is the same as the one raised in eir CfJ.  The alternative to the solution proposed there is, I suppose, to reset the majority of the (S-L-O-W) work done this dynasty; curiously, no one has suggested this course of action, nor voted on the CfJ to indicate such a preference.


03-09-2007 18:35:29 UTC

for Move on