Thursday, July 14, 2016

About Time

I think the comment section here should be a brainstorm/debate about a victory condition. Anyone have ideas? Should one exist at all?



14-07-2016 19:33:21 UTC

Yes, one should most definitely exist. Else, we are kinda failing at the point of blognomic. I would imagine that the logic condition would be haveing to score X times. Probably make X about 4.


14-07-2016 20:10:02 UTC

I second the scoring suggestion.


14-07-2016 20:19:08 UTC

i will propose it when everything times out and I get my slots back if no one else does


14-07-2016 21:14:46 UTC

Scoring seems good.


14-07-2016 21:29:19 UTC

You might also try to either clarify or rewrite the method of scoring.