Sunday, April 16, 2023

Proposal: Accidents Will Happen

Times out/passes 7-0. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 18 Apr 2023 19:05:31 UTC

To the rule “Accidents”, add a paragraph:-

While an Engineer has zero or more Accidents, any effect that would cause them to achieve victory instead does not do so. An Engineer who has a Specialisation may lose that Specialisation to reduce their Accidents by 1.

The central dilemma of “do I pull a block to gain a Check, with a risk of causing an Accident” can’t be weighed very meaningfully while the impact of Accidents is undefined - is an Accident no big deal (we might never enact a downside), or is just a single one a game-losingly bad millstone (we might propose a very bad consequence for them, but only after a cavalier outlier has decided to take one)? Attempting to pin this down.


JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

17-04-2023 05:11:25 UTC


Sounds good to me, especially if there’s a way to get rid of your own Accidents without the votes of other people.

Lulu: she/her

17-04-2023 12:40:19 UTC


Brendan: he/him

17-04-2023 14:33:02 UTC


Taiga: he/him

17-04-2023 14:43:25 UTC



17-04-2023 22:50:15 UTC


Josh: he/they

18-04-2023 09:40:49 UTC