Monday, May 15, 2006

Proposal: Achoo


Adminned at 18 May 2006 05:15:57 UTC

Add to the list of Vows:

Vow of Protection ({Other Monk's name}): Upon undergoing this Vow, a Monk must choose another Monk. If the Temporary Fitness of the chosen Monk is decreased by another Monk, a Monk undergoing this Vow must Pick a Fight with the assailant within 24 hours of the fight. The Severity number for this fight may not be 0 or less. Monks undergoing this Vow may not Pick a Fight with the Monk ey have chosen.

Vow of Benevolence: Monks undergoing this Vow must include “blessings” to each vote e casts. E may not use the phrase “no blessings”.

Vow of Healthy Exercise: Monks undergoing this Vow must move eir Location from map A to map C or vice versa before the Vow is removed.

Vow of Vows: Monks undergoing this Vow experience the effects of all other possible Vows, except for the Vow of Poverty, at once. Ey must make any decisions ey would have to make for each of these Vows upon undergoing the Vow of Vows. Instead of the regular Integrity gain for undergoing this Vow, ey gain 1 Integrity per 24 hours per Vow e’s pseudo-undergoing, plus another 2 Integrity per 24 hours (both of these rewards no longer apply if a Monk is no longer undergoing the Vow). If a Monk breaks this Vow, e loses 5 Integrity in addition to any other penalties.

For each of the Vows that would be created by this proposal, if more than half of all comments containing counted votes also contain the text “no {name of that Vow}”, do not create that vow instead.


Elias IX:

15-05-2006 21:22:57 UTC

for, though either Vow of Benevolence or Vow of Vows shouldn’t be passed, since the Vow of Silence directly contradicts using “blessings”.


15-05-2006 21:28:40 UTC



16-05-2006 00:08:29 UTC

against due to serious problems.
Elias mentioned one.  Also, Vow of Protection pseudovows are badly defined.  If I take a Vow of Vows, do I need a Vow of Protection for all other Monks or just one?  Vow of Vows just causes too many conflicting Vows.
Vow of Healthy Exercise ignores map B and may be impossible from some locations.
Vow of Benevolence cheapens Blessings, except that due to capitalization it does nothing.
Finally, a Vow of Protection backfires quite neatly if the protected Monk lowers eir own TF.
against and an explicit no Blessings.


16-05-2006 02:02:41 UTC

against no vow of benevolence, no vow of vows, no vow of healthy excersize

Would the vow of excersize not expire on wednesdays and sundays?


16-05-2006 14:16:52 UTC



16-05-2006 18:44:19 UTC

To reply to Bucky’s statement

“Vow of Protection backfires quite neatly if the protected Monk lowers eir own TF. “

In the proposal…

“If the Temporary Fitness of the chosen Monk is decreased by another Monk”


16-05-2006 21:59:49 UTC

The Vow of Protection also misfires if the protected Monk’s TF gets lowered anonymously, or by the Abbot as a result of a Story Post.


17-05-2006 09:16:20 UTC


No Vow of Vows for the reasons pointed out above.  Otherwise, a jolly good set of additions.


17-05-2006 20:42:11 UTC

CoV against


18-05-2006 12:15:18 UTC

against S-K to avoid the intellectual challenge of counting the votes.