Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Acknowledge the Awesomeness of Aaronwinborn

During today’s dance, I shot aaronwinborn in the face with my shot-gun hammer. I was in the second position, and thus climbed to first with this move.

But Aaron fought back. And instead of getting revenge like a civilized person, bopped me with their emo hammer. I was forced to turn and shot myself in the face with my own shot-gun hammer, and move to the back of the line.

I applaud thee Aaron. Sure it wasn’t intended to work that way (or maybe it was), but circumstances made it happen that way and so I think your awesomeness should be acknowledged.


Oracular rufio:

15-08-2007 05:43:31 UTC

for I think there’s be some kind of Aesop fable in here, if we translated it out of Nomic.


15-08-2007 13:22:39 UTC

for Hear, hear! (Huh? I did that?) :P


15-08-2007 15:45:59 UTC

Awesomeness for random in-game actions?  I’d prefer to award awesomeness for important meta-game contributions.

Oracular rufio:

17-08-2007 00:04:21 UTC

I thought part of the point of this awesomeness thing was to laugh at the antics of the random generation, particularly since awesomeness doesn’t actually do anything yet.