Saturday, March 14, 2009

Story Post: [Act 1] Prologue

Flashback: Man returns home to shocking discovery. Inevitably, gunfights ensue.

Target Body Count: 100 though I expect a timeout.

Current Body Count: 104 for instructions on adding a Scene, plus an example.

I think it’s safe enough having the first Act now that people can only post a single Scene. Continuity won’t be an issue this early on, as it’s all just flashacks and they never make sense in the real movies. Try to make your descriptions fun and interesting - remember all Scenes will be placed on the Act’s wiki page!



14-03-2009 20:58:28 UTC

New scene:

Title: Romantic drama ends here?
Script: Man finds home apparently empty. Hears gunshots, equips pistol. Guns down three goons in living room, disarms and breaks neck of fourth. Approaches bedroom door…
Body Count: 4

Every film should start like Max Payne.


14-03-2009 21:07:54 UTC

Title: Bam!
Script: Man opens door, tosses in pocket protector-bomb, shuts door. Explosion. Through smoking former-door, man sees 7 dead bodies, 4 living ones.
Body Count: 7

Clucky: he/him

14-03-2009 21:45:26 UTC

Title: Going Down.
Script: Man throws another bomb into the room. Ceiling collapses, killing the four people inside. A family of six, around their table, falls—all die.
Body Count: 10


14-03-2009 21:47:12 UTC

Title: A small family.
Script: Man finds 1 surviving body, along with 6 other living ones. Man fires a bullet into all of their heads. Dead.
Body Count: 7


14-03-2009 21:48:27 UTC

Title: A quick escape!
Script: Man seizes his chance to leave the building, leaps through a window, lands on the fire escape and ducks, an assailant launches a grenade out of the window, grenade misses man and lands on car, kills family of 5. Daughter’s teddy bear escapes unharmed.
Body Count: 5


14-03-2009 21:54:17 UTC

Title: Useless cops
Script: Two cops arrive outside house, are shot by man. Hero points gun at man.
Body Count: 2

The man seems to be a villain.

Kevan: he/him

14-03-2009 22:03:21 UTC

Title: Backup
Script: Hero shouts out a police caution, and calls for backup. Man ducks back into the house. Time passes. Police SWAT team of seven arrive, spread out around the house, throw smoke grenades, kick doors in. When the smoke clears, all seven are dead.
Body Count: 7


14-03-2009 22:09:51 UTC

Influenza and Kevan’s Scenes are invalid, way more than the 25 word maxin the Scripts.


14-03-2009 22:21:56 UTC

If those Scenes broke the word limit, I’m guessing they were never created as the instructions were not correctly followed out. So they probably can still make a new Scene. Discussion?


14-03-2009 22:35:41 UTC

Yeah, they can reword or make an entirely new scene with their GNDT roll. I’m going to pretend that they did not happen.

Title: MaaAAAaagic
Script: Hero equips stylish shades,  then fires nine bullets dramatically. Bullets pass through man, hit nine innocent bystanders. Left lens pops out.


14-03-2009 22:37:39 UTC

Above Scene invalid as explicit Body Count missing… :P


14-03-2009 22:49:00 UTC

Haha, nice, Gnauga. . . .

SingularByte: he/him

14-03-2009 22:57:24 UTC

Title: Crossfire
Script: Hero enters house. Sees 10 goons. Crouches. All goons shoot each other accidentally.
Body Count: 10


14-03-2009 23:10:34 UTC

Script: Hero is interrupted by eight thugs.  Hero shoots thugs, writes “RODLAN WUZ HARE” on the wall in their blood.
Body Count: 8

Kevan: he/him

15-03-2009 00:05:02 UTC

Reposting using my original GNDT roll.

Title: Backup
Script: Hero calls for backup. A seven-man SWAT team turns up; all end up shot.
Body Count: 7


15-03-2009 01:33:32 UTC

Title: Too Quiet.
Script: House is quiet. 6 Police outside look anxious. Man is behind them and says: “What’s wrong, chief?” Close-up on dangerous grin. Man kills all 6.
Body Count: 6


15-03-2009 03:23:30 UTC

Also reposting w/ my original body count toll

Title:Recurring Villain
Script: Hero somersaults off roof with monocle dramatically. Empties magazine into man, bullets pass through man killing nine innocents. Monocle falls out.
Body Count: 9

Darknight: he/him

15-03-2009 04:31:29 UTC

Title:The Cops never win
Script:Hero and 10 SWAT members surround Man. Man smirks and fires both guns in a circle. Hero dives away, SWAT do not.
Body Count: 10


15-03-2009 07:36:29 UTC

Title: Grim Psycho Dance

Script: Hero sees movement in garage. Upon entering he sees Evil Ben who catches his eye and cooly throws grenade into car with hero’s family inside.

Body Count: 4

arthexis: he/him

15-03-2009 07:58:50 UTC

Title: Meanwhile

Script: Mysterious man on a plane speaks something about the Hero’s past while his men hijack the plane shooting down 6 passengers.

Body Count: 6


15-03-2009 09:21:26 UTC

Title: Panic

Script: 5 Passengers make a run for the front of the plane! Gunned down by man and cohorts.

Body Count: 5

Redone previous invalid scene. Also, someone count the total body count, I think it’s getting close to 100.

Kevan: he/him

15-03-2009 12:21:43 UTC

Current total is 95. (So the total in the post was already up to date and I’ve just wasted a couple of minutes adding them all up again. Might be better to track running totals in comments.)


15-03-2009 12:30:46 UTC

Mmmm, I think I will propose that each Scene-creating comment requires a new current total body count.


15-03-2009 13:33:42 UTC

Title: All for one!
Script. 10 passengers run for the front of the plane. Only 1 survives.
Body Count: 9


15-03-2009 13:48:10 UTC

That’s enough. (Final Body Count: 104)


15-03-2009 13:58:30 UTC


15-03-2009 14:17:55 UTC

Scrap that, Jupiter has already posted a Scene to this Act, so the last scene is not valid (second paragraph of )

Current Body Count is 95. Come on guys :D


15-03-2009 16:15:57 UTC

Title: Politics Loses
Script: Politicians protest on national media. Someone from the wings guns down two, the other 7 get into a fight, setting off a bomb that kills them.
Body count: 9


15-03-2009 19:51:08 UTC

That’s enough. (Final Body Count: 104)


15-03-2009 19:52:36 UTC