Saturday, May 26, 2007

Activity Lag

So, this dynasty seems to be rather lackluster, not on the part of members, but on the side of the admins.  Is there a particular reason that we have decided to not pass things?  I have a personal reason in that I recently graduated and moved, but *hopefully* that’s over with…or is it that people just don’t really buy this dynastic idea?  I mean, if it’s the case I’m fine with passing the buck for better enjoyment by everyone else, but if it’s something else….



05-26-2007 15:50:15 UTC

I think it’s empty because the machine isn’t working.  This in turn happens because we have too many steps between part creation and machine building.  Part of this will solve itself if we have an Engineer and an Assembler, but what we really need to do is eliminate one of the two positions.


05-26-2007 16:20:36 UTC

Of course, you could always admin one or two yourself.


05-27-2007 02:13:42 UTC

as stated in my earlier comment, recently moved, getting settled in to my first appartment, etc etc….time is a limitied commodity right now, so unfortunately, I cna’t admin as much as I want…


05-27-2007 07:27:12 UTC

I’m here and I’m on board with this concept. I think it would be fun to see our little machine work :)

I to have had a busy couple of weeks, but I’ve been trying to at least get my votes in.