Saturday, July 09, 2016

Proposal: Actually to Prepose the Return of Cat

Times out and fails, 1-2. -Bucky

p.s. you guys should vote more.

Adminned at 11 Jul 2016 16:42:57 UTC

I propose a new rule, called “Cats”

At any time a Scribe may spend six Paper to purchase a Cat. A Scribe may only ever own one cat at a time. With one cat, a Scribe must pay one paper every other day for the care of the cat. If a Scribe fails to pay for the Cat, it Dies, and this Scribe may not purchase a Cat again. A variable that is called “Cat” tracked in the GNDT is set to one. If a Scribe has won a Raffle in the last two days, the purchase of a Cat is not allowed. Every time someone who owns a cat is to increase the “Looks” score, he/she can roll a DICE10. If the number is 3, that person can add 1 to the incoming Looks score. If the number is not three, that Scribe must keep the original values of incoming Looks. Every time a Scribe who owns a Cat is to increase the Stress score, a Scribe can roll a DICE12. If the number is 7, they may decrease the incoming stress by 2, ending at zero.If the number is 12, 6, or 4, they must add 1 to the incoming stress. If the number is not 12, 6, 4, or 7, the Scribe keeps the original values of incoming Stress. A cat is never eligible for requisition. The Cat stat can only ever be either 1 or 0.


If a Scribe no longer can or does not want to take care or the Cat, they may Sell it. Once a cat is Sold, the Scribe must reset the value of Cat to 0, and they are no longer eligible to roll for the above bonuses. They gain 3 paper for Selling the Cat. They may not purchase another cat for up to one week.

Also, append this to the appendix, under the title Incoming.

An Incoming stat is defined to be any time a Scribe is to increase the numeric value of one of their own stats.



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09-07-2016 16:20:38 UTC

Note: Does not specify what happens if a Scribe doesn’t (or can’t) pay for a Cat.  It’s not clear what “incoming” Looks or Stress is.  The part about Stress appears to be written to apply to all Scribes, not just ones with cats.  “Purchase is limited to one cat” should also be clarified (A Scribe can only buy one cat at a time? A Scribe can’t buy a cat if they already have one? Only one can be purchased by anyone, ever?)  Making Cat a numeric stat means it can be RFM’d to obtain one at a discount.


09-07-2016 17:15:07 UTC

Note: Boom.

Clucky: he/him

10-07-2016 01:17:17 UTC


I feel like there already enough different mechanics in the ruleset, with more likely to still be added.


10-07-2016 01:37:11 UTC

MORE LIKELY TO BE ADDED? This is up for addition! :)


10-07-2016 02:03:44 UTC

I think Clucky is saying that the main mechanic is about randomly adding rules and that it is better to work with that rather than adding entirely new things. I however have no major opinion.


10-07-2016 02:18:23 UTC

against This is quite complicated and finicky, and I don’t see the benefit of it.


10-07-2016 15:47:06 UTC

Got it.

Clucky: he/him

10-07-2016 16:46:54 UTC

Larry is right.